My wife

There is nothing I have ever experience as exciting and downright nasty as watching your wife f*** another guy.
I had it happen for the first time just last weekend and I can close my eyes and see it all again as clear as if I was watching her right now.



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  • I have been a bull for most of my adult life and I have serviced many women and wife's in the past 40 years than any man that I know and although I an in my 70s now I can stipp preform as good as guys 30 years younger than me and I would bet that I am in better shape than most other men 20 years younger than me.
    I am 5 ft 9 inches tall I weigh 167 and I have a 8 3/4 inch c*** if you are interested.
    Just add a contact E-mail if you are serious.

  • Looking for guy to secretly seduce my wife

  • I would love to see nude pics of your wife.

  • Yeah, I still see my ex clearly being f***** by two guys at a swing club and that was her first stranger c****' experience. Those guys almost got into an argument as to who was going to have Her first. That was a turn on for her and being ridden one guy after another she had an unmistakable singing voice so her o******* were heard by the whole room.

  • By what you said she must have enjoyed herself. Next time film the event so you can see it all as much as you want.

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