Neighbors wife

My girlfriend and. Like to dance and drink her cousin and husband live about a mile away in the country his wife wanted to have s** with me. She'd call when her husband was gone. I'd go over she'd be n so any and bra but I'd leave one nite. My girlfriend and I went drinkin and dancing with them we took their car my girlfriend got drunk. And. When we left we went t o their house she stayed in the back seat and one of his friends came along he called a bunch of girls to come over but none came I was readily to go but she told me to have a nother beer. Said something to his friend and he left I drank my beer. Said I was going. Home as I walked out the door. I saw his friend runnin towards his car walked over to the car.and she was.laying in the back seat with her.pants pulled down to her ankles. I took her. And gross her over my shoulder she had c** runnin down her leg

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