How do I tell my straight cousin I like him?

When I was 15 my brother and I went to live with my aunt and uncle. Before then I had never felt many attraction towards my cousin. After a few months of living there I started having feelings for him because he touched me once, but I moved away right after and he said sorry. My brother has been gone for 2 years now, and I have nobody to talk to. So I m 17 now and so is my cousin, but he is a few months older than me. He is very fit, and handsome. I have tried countless times to get over him, but I just can t. Maybe I should just tell him how I feel to try and make the feelings go away. Please help I am so attracted to him it s not even funny. (BTW I m still in the closet).

Dec 17, 2018


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  • I'm a boy and spent 6 summer staying with my boy cousins summer house on a lake. They're both older than me and I got a major crush on them. They have one on me too. They're both either gay or bisexual I'm not sure because they like girls too. They wanted me to wear their little sister's panties and even sundresses. Then we did all sorts of stuff.

  • Do you live in Alabama?

  • Tell him you want a movie night with him , than tell him you want to shower together with him and rub your c*** on his c*** , and go pp to pp with him as you both make your self more aroused , than tell him you wanna take a two c*** c** bath , you Two wanna c** at the same time peehole to peehole or try too anyways .

  • Why not just tell him that you really liked it when he touched you and tell him that you want to fondle him too and then see what happens.

  • Try walking into the bathroom when he's taking a p***, so you can take a look at his d***, tell him its huge, and that you wanna suck it.

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