I really need some comments here

I am having s** AND falling for my son's(who is one) fathers cousin. The horrible part is that this cousins brother is my sons godfather! My sons father(who I will call my ex) and I broke up about 4.5 moths ago and about a week and a half ago I started to talk to his cousin. Idk y we stared talkig but somehow we got to talking s** n how much fun we would have together. Well now we are falling for each other and we feel like its soooooo wrong but we can't stop cuz of how good we feel together(not just s** wise) and we are thinking that we can NEVER be together cuz if their side of the family. They will def. disown the cousin and that won't be good. Not to mention that my ex might kill his cousin over this. We will never tell anyone cuz we neeeever want my ex to find out. By we desperately want to be together. Talks of running away together have surfaced a few times. What do I do? Keep secretly seeing him?? But for how long? If no one can ever know about us then what am I doing...u can't help who u are attracted to or who ur heart wants to like. So please people I need some advice

May 14, 2012

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  • Godfather? Big f****** deal. Your ex sounds psycho.

  • girl its your life and if thats your boo and you love that much then be with him f*** what anybody thinks your x might ge mad if he finds out but hey he f***** up in the first place by losing you so thats his problem now he be aight. be with your boo and enjoy your life

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