I voted for the man......

......but I am so over Donald Trump. This confession fits the "Embarrassing" category in two different ways: (1) I'm embarrassed to have voted for him; and (2) he is an embarrassment......to me AND this country.

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  • You f****** moron

  • Not as good as your other laughable president Bush "we've got a saying in Texas, fool me once shame on you,fool me twice urm errmmm ummm"

  • Trump should heed the words of a man who made America great...

    "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."

    Abraham Lincoln

  • LOL. It's a great quote, and it's even very fitting, but it didn't come from Abe, although I think you know that, and probably even know the correct source. Still, I have to say it's a brilliant usage in the current political circumstances.

  • Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpN_TOP9hg8

  • He has always been a liar. But he's even a bigger liar now than he used to be. I guess practice really does make perfect. The best thing for this country is for there to be an impeachment.

  • Yes...….or a coup.

  • None of you want to admit that both sides Suck big fat hairy ones. When I look at a Senator (on EITHER SIDE) who is only making like $175k a year and they've gone from that to being worth $45MILLION....I have to ask myself who is paying who for OUR f******. Trump has done good things; Trump has been a f****** moron. The Democrats have tried to do good things (as People) but their leadership is so damned corrupt and criminal and such liars, they're so f***** they can't see straight and they aren't even getting a reach around--and they're also so deranged over Trump they can't reason, think or control their emotions anymore. The media is f****** all of us and lying about it---and everything else. The truth is, we're all getting F***** and none of us are getting anything for it, and the media keeping us divided and sniping at each other is Exactly where both sides want us. Not united and not taking ALL of them down. You want to be "woke"? Wake up to the fact that our entire system is broken and we're way past the point where we Should have united as one People--As AMERICANS--and done something about it.

  • Anybody there

  • Yes ok

  • When i 'll be the president i will take away all the clothes of all 18+ women and fuckk them wherever whenever....aahh

  • Sure . . . . we can just "grab 'em by the p****". If the President can get away with that, why can't we?

  • Thanks,that's why i suggested this idea so that world would be stress free and a better place for living,please vote for me next time this is least i can do but it really make a difference

  • As you can see, the alt-right trolls have unstuck their lips from the Faux News teat just long enough to screech at anyone who disagrees with them. They've proven time and again that they're just looking for a fight-- when they're not whining like little kids and setting stuff on fire, that is. Don't bother trying to post anything that isn't straight out of Breitbart, seriously. They'll just brainlessly pi$$ all over your words, as overindulged and badly-raised toddlers tend to do.

    If Obama or Clinton or anyone under the Dem label openly cheated on their third wives, colluded with Russians and Arabs, considered $crewing over anyone who worked for them as "good business", treated the White House as a personal wealth aggregator, and behaved like a spoiled teenage princess to the point that multiple world leaders openly mocked them, they'd whine and holler and scream about how "character counts" or whatever. But all of the above describes somebody they laughingly think is on their side, so they'll fall all over themselves to be the loudest a$$-kisser in the room.

    Let's find out how they pi$$ all over this response. I'd guarantee that there'll be the word "liberal" thrown in there, but now that I've stated that, will it be...? We'll find out sooner rather than later! Come on MAGAts, here's yet another opportunity to pretend you've convinced or intimidated anyone! *kiss*

  • Oh that's funny. .. You must have forgotten that Clinton was impeached after receiving a b****** from Monica Lewinsky in the Oval office. Or the fact that JFK had orgies in the white house and blatantly had an affair with Marilyn Monroe... And you want talk about financial gain from the White house, your boy Obama's net worth is over $40 Million which is 30 times what it was when he was a Senator.... Trump on the other hand is donating every dime of his Presidential salary to charity. How much of Obama's salary did he donate?
    The reason why world leaders mock Trump is because he is the first president in a long time who hasn't given into their wants. He's renegotiating NAFTA for fair trade deals, or did you miss the facts that tons of our factories moved south of the border because labor is cheaper and they don't have to pay import fees? Trump also pulled us out of the Paris climate bullshit. Which by the way, if you had read the agreement it stated that the US taxpayers would help every country in the world reach the agreement, eventhough we are already compliant with everything specified. China is the worst offender and we would have paid for them to clean up their country.... The economy is better than it has been in years, gas prices are lowest since the 90's, there are more jobs today than there has been since Bush, Trump silenced Little man Kim, and he's done all this in only 2 years all while the media has mocked him, lied about him, and the Democrats claimed every form of treason possible with not one bit of evidence or proof. But hey, you keep on listening to fake news and putting your head in the sand.

  • Translation...

    waa waa waa waa

    fox news told me to say this, i'm a good magat

    waa waa waa waa

    L M A O

  • Libtards can't actually debate, they don't know how, nor do they know any facts. You are just wasting your breath on these ignorant fucktards

  • No different than Bill Clinton getting a b****** in the Oval Office or JFK having orgies in the Whitehouse swimming pool, or blatantly having an affair with Marilyn Monroe. But hey, let's take Trumps "grab her by the p****" comment out of context because what he said was WAY worse than what Bill Clinton and JFK did, right?
    You f****** hypocrites.

  • In what way is Trump doing a bad job? Elaborate and leave nothing out.

  • In what way is he "making America great again" in a way that intelligent people and the rest of the world agree with? Elaborate and leave nothing out.

  • P.S.: I know this will hurt your overheated little brain, but not everyone who disagrees with you is a liberal. The fact that you yahoos literally cannot post without using that word tells me you're not looking for discourse and just want to stomp your little toddler feet. Keep stomping, but remember: You're not the only ones who know how to pull a trigger ;)

  • Ha ha, that's funny considering Liberals were LITERALLY crying in the middle of the street when queen Hillary lost. You didn't see any Conservatives crying when we lost the House. So who's the toddlers here?

    Now, what is Trump doing for America.
    Well for starters the economy is better than it has been in years, there are more jobs, gas is lower than it's been in 20 years, he cut government spending, gave us a tax break, and we're getting another on this year. He silenced kim jong un, something no president has been able to do in the last 70 years and brought home the remains of our military boys from North Korea. He's negotiating NAFTA for fair trade deals to America, and pulled us out of the Paris climate agreement that was all one sided with America taxpayers footing the bill for every country in the world to clean up their crap. He's trying to build a wall on our border to protect us, something that Obama, Clinton, Schumer and 23 other Democrats voted for the wall in 2006. Oh, and Trump has done all this in 2 years while donating every dime of his presidential salary to charity.

    Shall I go on? Or would you rather just keep your head in the sand like most people who don't like Trump?

  • Liberals can't actually give you facts on their claims, because they have only been TOLD he's doing a bad job. It's not like they can actually think for themselves or anything.

  • Riiiiight, because Faux News addicts like your fine selves, by definition, are independent thinkers... LOL!!

  • Ain't no doubt about that. Liberals are some of the most dumbest m************ on the face of the earth. Gullible as f***, and believe everything the corrupt media tells them.

  • Liberals are the biggest f****** hypocrites on the face of the earth. It's ok if they do something, but let a Conservative do something half as bad and the Liberals mind f****** explodes with rage as they demand the persons head on a stick.

  • Projection all over this post. waa waa liberals waa waa waaaaa

  • Hey fucktard, the only facts I've seen on here the ones for Trump. If the best you can do is use a big word like "projection" and say "waa waa waaaaa" why don't you just shut the f*** up. You make the rest of use Liberals look f****** stupid. A******.

  • If your biggest talking point is blurting "liberal" on every single post and claiming "they can't debate" while attacking everyone who doesn't agree with you, you are most definitely projecting. Not that you're expected to come to terms with that-- you just double down and screech the word "liberal" AGAIN, don't ya, big boy?

  • It took him making a perpetual fool of himself and the rest of us for two years running for you to realize he's an embarrassment? Yeah, you should be ashamed. Stupid people shouldn't be allowed to vote.

  • How is he an embarrassment? Other than some liberal news media told you he was?
    We have the best economy in years, he lowered taxes, cut government spending, silenced Little man Kim, is working on fair trade agreements between US and the rest of the world, pulled us out of the Paris climate bullshit that we taxpayers would have paid for the rest of the world to have, oh and he's working on getting us a border wall which by the way, Obama, Clinton, Schumer, and 23 other Democratic Senators voted FOR in 2006.
    So please tell me how he's an embarrassment.

  • What's your problem ?

  • This is not a political post vent this is a vent for the embrassing so go put on a pair of pink panties and then come back

  • Ohhh I love wearing pink panties..

  • You never voted for Trump. Guaranteed you're too f****** young to vote. You're probably still s******* in your diapers.

  • Easy friend. I grew up in the 70s. Reagan was the first American president I became aware of. Warched and learned more on American politics than Canadian politics. Pretty good vent.
    Stoned post.

  • Oh, so you are a Canadian. So again, you never voted for Trump because you don't live here.

  • As a Canadian I watch for development in news stories that will affect my area.
    Those stories need evaluation to recognize biases. Sometimes very easy to spot. Folks, opinions are not news.
    Maybe I'm 'small c conservative. Not a full blown anything with a full size capitals. liberal or conservative. Not a Liberal or a Conservative. But certainly not aligned with republican culture. Watching the US government since Regan, liberals are good but very expensive. Republicans spend a fair share too but is sustainable. Spent in the wrong places though.
    War Hawks ruin it all when they challenge each other to be exponentially patriotic than the other in their own party.
    Just leave our milk system as it is and buy our cheap wood.
    Uninstall Twitter on his phone. Save the nation. It destroyed political faith.
    Sorry if it looks like I've made fun of anyone. Time could heal many wounds.

  • Time can heal many wounds, but you will never be able to get all the sand out of MAGAT v*****$. That's what all this whining here is about, straight up. Party on my Canuck friend :)

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