I wish I could tell her "Don't f****** text me out of the blue at 11 PM at night unless its to tell me you love me."

I can't take it anymore.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Next time say u hav big painful horn ask if shel cure it

  • Options; Switch your phone off,block her calls,answer and tell her to get f***** or change your number.Simple!!! :) Your welcome.

  • i'm sorry... i'm sorry i sent those texts. do you forgive me yet? :(

    please?? i love you

  • have you told her how you feel? maybe shes afraid to tell you how she feels or is feeling confused or doesnt know how to go about talking to you...

  • i love you

  • im mostly sure my ex wrote this......what i have to say?.....dont text me and act like i care what you have to say...after what you did to me...last year....i dont want to even know you. and i know this is you after that email last night...so just stop.

  • ease off of her. she prolly does love you. just hold that notion with u

  • well then she probably doesn't love you


  • spineless wimp...

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