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This is my first post so bear with me. I've been wanting to tell a guy i like him but cant get the nerve to..... How should I get more courage or tell him in a different way?

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  • Your shouldn't be worry about that. Any real man that loves woman's in particular should pick up quick when a female around him likes him.

  • guys are easiest to talk to when you're both alone (they get too confident when near friends and scared when you are) also make a promise or let your friends know your gonna talk to him so you have encouragement and a necessity to talk to him (you'll look like a liar if you don't) when you're both alone look him in the eye and slip your number in his pocket and say "I want to go out to dinner with you if you are up for it call me if not i'll find someone else" (guys tend to go for a girl if there's a possiblity for competition, animal nature and all that) :)

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