Kind of a pervert

I have a very high s** drive and have my whole life. I dated women who liked to have lots of s**, ok they were s****, but they always ended up cheating. I decided to date and eventually marry a woman who was not a s***, but the s** is not enough to keep me satisfied eventhough we have s** once or twice a week. For comparison I had s** with my other girlfriends two or three times a day. But, I love my wife and we get along really well so I couldn't pass up being with her just because of that. To compensate for the lack of s** I regularly m********* because cheating is not in my nature.

I work about two hours away and spend a lot of time on the road driving to and from work. Sometimes I get the urge to m********* while driving and have sometimes pulled out my d*** while going down the highway. Obviously I couldn't m********* while driving and eventually decided to start exploring areas of the highway on back roads for a place to pull over and take care of business. After trying several different spots that almost got me caught (once by the state police) I found a nice out of the way place that was public but didn't have a lot of traffic. I regularly visited this place and did what i needed to before continuing on my way.

When I scoped out the place the first time I noticed there were two different houses within sight of the place, but they were far enough away that even if anyone was looking they wouldn't be able to tell what I was doing. None the less, I always make sure there is no activity before hand. No pun intended.

Anyway, I have been visiting this place now for about 3 years and in that time there has never been anyone show up or hint about being caught. Until a few months ago. As usual I was headed home and decided to stop off to my spot. I pulled in and like normal checked to see if anyone was around. All clear, so I pulled up and parked, dropped my pants and started stroking. It was warm out so I had the window down. My d*** was hard and I was stroking away when I hear a womans voice ask if I needed help with that. I immediately tried to cover myself as I looked to see who was there. Right out side my car slightly behind the drivers door was a middle aged woman who looked to be about 40ish. I stammered for words and profusely apologized, but she just kept saying it was alright. I finally calmed down enough to have a conversation with her and come to find out she lives in the house behind the area and she always sees me parked there. She evidently had used a telescope some time ago and already knew what I had been up to. She decided after watching me for so long that it was like she already knew me and figured the only thing left to do was talk to me.

I explained my situation and told her I never ment to offend anyone. That is when she said she wasn't offended and offered to help me again. I told her it wasn't in my nature to cheat. She then suggested I just let her watch. For some reason I figured this wasn't cheating and agreed to let her watch. She sat in the passenger seat and I resumed masterbating, c****** into a paper towel as usual. She watched the whole time and never said a word while I was doing it. Afterward she asked if I would be back tomorrow. At first I said no, but she said she hoped she hadn't scared me off and that she hoped I would return. I told her I would return the next day as usual. Now everyday I stop, this woman is waiting. She gets in the car, we chitchat for a bit, and then I m********* while she watches. Then she gets out of the car, walks home, and we repeat the next day. We have never had s**, nor have I even seen her naked. She did ask me the other day if I would like her to m********* at the same time, but I told her I would have to think about it. I really don't want to cheat on my wife, but this woman is a little curvy farm woman who rocks a pair of jeans. She has a nice ass and nice big t***. I would love to see her naked and m********* but I fear it may lead to s**.

Jan 26, 2019

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  • You must enjoy yourself, mutual masturbation isn't cheating, in my opinion! If it was me I'd go for the s**! Due to my wife's illness I haven't had s** for 20 years, I refused several chances years ago, now I'm too old but really regret not taking the opportunities when possible!

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