Bad movie

Sometimes things happen and we have no idea why, we just learn to deal with it and move on the best we can. Case in point when I was 19 I was sexually assaulted by my friends older brother. Up until that point I had also thought he was cute. I was spending the night and had gotten up to get a drink. He came in drunk and proceeded to come on to me. I told him no, but before I knew it he had my pajamas down and was bending me over the table. I tried to get away but he was so strong. I couldn't move and he kept ramming his d*** in me like I was a cheap s***. I have no idea why I never screamed for help. I just laid there letting this man have his way with me and hoping to God he didn't get me pregnant. After he finished it was like nothing had ever happened. He just walked off leaving me to wash his c** out of me. Thankfully I never got pregnant. That was 30 years ago, but the night replays in my head like a bad movie.


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  • Forgiveness. I learned this also. It's much easier to say than do.
    My wife walked out on me and four young kids after I discovered affairs.
    She confided in me that her step-father had regularly assaulted her and that she hated him. His story was that she consented to the events and often created the opportunities.
    I have to admit that she was subtly manipulative.
    She ran off with one of the two guys she was seeing. And, no. They didn't know about each other.
    I forgave her quite quickly but it took longer to forgive myself for allowing it to happen when I saw the signs.
    To the lady who confessed I would say that being angry with yourself for not stopping this guy is doing you more harm. This guy's assault on your body took only minutes but the psychological scars are lasting a lifetime. Your lifetime.

    I can assure you his memory of it will be very different - if he admits it at all.
    Yes, forgive him but forgive yourself also.

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  • Wow, almost sounds identical to my wife’s first sexual assault. Happens to be how she lost her innocence.

    Her friends brother cornered her and put a knife to her throat.She admitted to never telling anyone except for me almost 30 years after it happened. She never brought it up I just happened to ask her what’s the worst thing that happened to you? To this day I wish that guy all the bad karma life can give.

  • So what exactly is playing in your head and what emotions does it bring to you. If it brings back only pain, shame & hurt, my advise to you is today make the decision in your heart of hearts to forgive him for violating you. This is not to say that you condone his behavior, but he is living his life out, yet here you are 30 yrs. later still reliving the experience. Forgiving him will bring you peace and enable you to put this behind you & move on in your life. Unforgiveness, bitterness, and resentments, have the same affect on your life as if you drank a big bottle of rat poison & then were waiting for this guy to die. It doesn't work that way. I had a vast amount of unforgiveness in my heart towards my ex wife who really screwed me over, and it never affected her in the least, but it made my life a
    living h***. I prayed to God to help me to become willing to forgive her daily. It took about 18 months of making progress and then relapsing back, but in the long run God helped me forgive her and now I can pray for her all the blessings from God that I want for myself, and I have wonderful peace in my heart towards her. As we say in AA " it works if you work it". I hope this helps.

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