Spending time together

My wife's little sister brought her computer to me a few weeks ago to do some repairs on it for her, In doing so I went through her search history and found a lot of log ins to a chat site, I was interested to see if she was going on with her husband or if she was doing this behind his back so I took a look at his work schedule since he works shift work and every log in is when he was at work, Everything from pretty much the time he would be leaving for work to when he would be probably an hour or so from arriving home. A little more searching and comparisons showed that they do watch some adult content together from what I can tell and mostly Girl/Girl or one girl and two guys.
My wife travels about one week every month for work and as luck would have it she had just arrived home from a trip so by the time she was planning her next conference I had pretty much forgotten about this and two days into her being gone I was laying in bed watching tv before going to sleep, My brother in law texted me as he often does during his break and was telling me about the stupid stuff going on at work, I started to wonder if my wife's sister was online and broke out my laptop, I spent an hour flipping through all the random chats and a bunch of guys randomly jerking it to their screens before realizing she was not on there so closed my computer and went to bed.
the next night I searched again to no avail but the third night as I flipped through I found a girl, Neck down, Large chested but couldn't tell if it was her or not and after a couple seconds she flipped off the screen and I was back to searching, I didn't come across her again so I am not sure if it was her or not. My wife returned a few days later and 3 weeks went by before she left again, I had kind of been waiting for a chance to search for her sister again, I went online and searched a bit to no avail but the next night I found her.
I had set things up so my room would not be recognizable and when I stumbled across her I almost hit next but stopped, My heart started to race a bit and I got nervous, She said "Hi" and waved, I said "Hi" back and waved back, I made sure my wedding ring was off and there was really nothing she would recognize, We started talking a bit and she had her face hidden from view, So did I and it only took a couple minutes of me being very careful about how I was saying things and being careful not to use any phrases I normally use before she started getting flirty, She was wearing a tank top and is quite a large chested girl for how skinny she is, Honestly not the type of body I prefer but who doesn't like a large rack.
She was showing some cleavage but had her hair down in front of her chest so I couldn't see much, I made a comment about he cleavage and she squeezed her arms together as i complimented her, She flipped her hair back on one side showing a pokie and proceeded to try and talk me into showing her something, I gave her a peek of the tip and she said "Hmmm, I'm interested", We flirted a bit more and she put her hair in a pony tail showing both pokies as we continued flirting, We carried on back and forth as she pinched her nips through her top making them stand up at attention and I stood up showing her how big it is through my sweat pants, Finally after a few quick peeks she said "So...What's it gonna take to see it, I can tell it's big and I want to see what you're packing".
I said "Well, I can tell you have something big...Technically two" and she said "Ok...same time?", I said "Yup" and so it began, I had my camera set up to hide my identity and as she began lifting her top I started pulling down my sweats, I was a little overzealous and beat her to it and she was just about to let them slip out of her top when she stopped and started typing, I wasn't letting her have access to my mic so she was doing the same but I could tell she had one hand over her mouth as she typed "OMG!!!", She sat and stared for a minute then said "good god, Is that real?", I said "Real hard...In anticipation", She said "Oh yeah...Sorry...Wow...Just...WOW" then she grabbed her top and whipped it off then typed "I am sorry, I am just a little shocked", I said "Holy me also" Those are amazing", she played all coy saying "Awe really, You think so?" telling me how she doesn't like this and doesn't like that, They're not firm enough, They're not quite the same size and we really had quite a long talk about her b****.
We were flirting back and forth and she was lifting one up licking her big, hard nip then the other and pinching and pulling them as I sat there stroking for her, She kept going on about how big I was and how it was the biggest she had ever seen and I said "Yeah right", She said "I swear to god I have never seen anything like that", I offered to let her watch me finish myself if she was interested in letting me watch her. She was apprehensive at first but then she stood up and showed me her bum, She was wearing a thong and like I said she is pretty skinny so doesn't have much of a booty but it is small and round and looks really firm, She pulled it down and put on a slow tease then sat down and put one of her feet up on the desk, She had her hand over her crotch and as I stood up to change the view for her she said "Holy crap, Even your b**** are huge, God, I wish I was there right now.
I instructed her as to what to do and she played along telling me what she would do if she was there, She pulled her hand away showing me her nice little vag, I instructed her to put both feet on the desk and as she did it opened her right up, I always just kind of assumed her and my wife would look similar down there but really they don't and really don't look alike at all, My wife takes after her mom obviously since they look like twins almost in pictures of her mom from 20 years ago and her sister takes after her dad, A little taller and a more skinny build where my wife is more...Curvy, which I love but my wife got the rest of the body and her sister got ALL the b****.
As she put both her feet up and tilted her camera down I could see everything, She has a small vag, Like literally small, Pink, Wet, Mostly shaved and a tiny little pink hole in the back, I made a comment about it and she said "Eww, You're dirty" then sucked her finger, I commented about the back door and she said "yeah, THAT would never fit, trust me", I said "Ever tried?", She said "Yeah, twice, Hated every minute of it and he is NOWHERE near as big as you", I said "IS?" and she said "Haha, You didn't think all of this was single did you?".
We carried on and she started rubbing and fingering while she pinched and pulled at her big nips, Her areolae and big, Not huge but big, Longer than wide and pale pink, They blend in with the surrounding skin and are bumpy, We talked and commented on each others bodies and what we would do to each other before finally I asked her if she was getting close, She told me she had been edging herself for 10 minutes waiting for me so I told her I was ready, We both finished within a minute of each other and said our goodbyes but not before making a date for the next night.
We have been "spending time" together for three weeks and she still has no idea who I am, She thinks she is hiding from me as well but isn't very careful about it, I so badly want to tell her but I know it would ruin everything.

Feb 9, 2019

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  • Tell her that she has to drive down a back road or alley give her a drop off spot then she has to slide her thong off she is wearing put it in a zip lock bag and drive off. After work you drive by pickup your package then that night while stroking for her you can fill her thong with your c** then drop it back off in the same spot for her to retrieve and wear in your next video chat

  • I check my wife and daughters pics DAILY for any s** material.
    Hoping for daughter to have good stuff...

  • Good to do. Can find interesting stuff.

  • Daughter age

  • Kkk

  • OMG that sounds great to see her in real life. I found my mother on an adult chat site and made a fake account and I was able to get her to remove her clothes and I showed her my private parts and we both masturbated together while looking at each other. She had no idea it was her son she was showing her nude body to and masturbating in front of. She told me she would love to experience s** with my big beautiful d*** and taste my c** in her mouth. It was at the moment I almost forgot she was my mom and told her I would love to suck on her nipples and taste her p**** until she c*** in my mouth so I can swallow all of her juices and c** together. On really want to experience s** with her now even if she is my mom but I don't think I could get her to do it. If she knew I was her son she would kill me for tricking her

  • That’s hot

  • Oh wow,really? Really really really???!!!!
    Nope,cause this is another poorly written fantasy post by some child.
    Anyone else noticed how everyone on here has the worlds biggest c.o.c.k?😅 never fails to make me laugh as they reveal their d*** and the lady is like omg,its soooo huge,like the biggest I've ever seen.....
    LMAO grow up you sad fu.cks

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