Niece and Uncle

I'm a 27 year old woman.

Right or wrong, after my fiancee cheated on me for the 4th time I dumped him and threw him our of my apartment.

At that moment I realized there was only one man in my entire life who accepted and loved me as I am. My Uncle Jack

The next night I went to my Uncle's house, let myself in with the key he gave me. I stripped in the hallway and went to his bedroom and seduced him.

He tried to resist but in the end gave in to me.

It's 4 years now and we have been together since that night.

Hopelessly and madly in love.

Feb 12, 2019

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  • If you are happy, thats all that matters.

  • That' so sweet. An aunt of mine was still a teen when she accepted my obvious 10yo interest in her. I had an early sexual awakening for no particular reason, and I'd been e********** since 8yo. I've since learned this is uncommon, but it made my childhood h*** because all I wanted to do was have s** with somebody/anybody. There just aren't any sexual outlets for kids, and so you get started on subrosa real soon.

    Anyway, when I was 10, she let my hands go exploring during a tickle session, and she was feeling me too! I was surprised that anyone would be interested in me, but it was completely welcome. The further she pushed it, the more I loved it and her. Over the summer, we did everything and anything we could think of. They moved away at the end of the summer for a job opportunity and that was the last time we had sexual contact, but it hasn't affected our relationship at all. We still like each other all these years later.

  • I f***** my aunt one time. She was ok only my aunt by marriage and was actually divorced when this happened but still. I got along with her so we stayed friends after her and my uncle split. It was my senior year in school and she called to say she needed my help fixing a light. I stopped by after school and was helping her hang the light when I fell off the chair. I landed on her and my hand went right in between her legs. We tried to joke and laugh it off but we ended up playing touchy feely. We stripped our clothes off and f***** right there in her living room. That was the only time we ever did anything like that.

  • Great true life story! Thank you!

  • Great story!

  • Congratulations.

  • Hi please try me just for a change

  • How old is he

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