A black man said using blackface was offensive and I agree it is

However and this is a big, however. How many whites actually put on blackface and act out while it's on? I mean when you see this being done it usually happened decades ago. Blacks are acting like its an everyday occurrence. The Clintons did it at a party once. Decades ago. White minstrels used it generations ago. On rare occasions some kids do it and when the old picture appears boy are they embarrassed.

Blackface is an old issue.

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  • They f****** cry about everything!!
    Why is it that only white people can be racist. Al Sharpton is at the top of the list with his fake ass self.

  • N***** are the biggest f****** racist m********** out there. And I'm black, so I know.

  • Welcome to the age of perpetual "outrage", where clueless suburbanite SJWs are self-referred gods and literally every white person in existence is considered both racist and privileged simply by living while white. Mmm, I love the smell of progress in the morning. Oh, wait...

  • Also, the two wastes of skin below me can die crying for their mommies while being fed through a wood chipper. :)

  • I second that notion

  • Nig nogs need to stop with their self pity.
    I blood.y hate them monkeys

  • Effing nig.….

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