My ather and stepmother are not getting along lately, and it sucks. Lately my dad has been talking to my stepmom's friend/coworker. alot more than he normaly does. Also, when we ran out of trash bags on xmas, he went to her house to get some trashbags and was there for long time. Also, he'll go "shopping" and be gone for a long time, even though he hates shopping. Whats goin on?

-The Slammerai

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  • This is the perfect time to introduce a little mayhem. Next time he decides to go "shopping" have your mother give the coworker a call. If she doesn't have the number try this one: next time he needs trash bags suggest that your mother go with him. If neither of these are not possible think of something that will get him caught without actually spilling the beans. This will show you the person he is at heart. Do yourself and your stepmother a favor and introduce a little chaos.

    Yours truly,
    Mr. Jipper

  • I'm sorry but he's pounding some vag that doesn't belong to your stepmom.

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