I love to get my b**** waxed by women, not my wife. I get to have a huge b**** and the company of an attractive other lady and a quick w*** after. Fantastic

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  • Really? And were exactly do you get this done? Because everyplace I have ever contacted about getting my b**** waxed has told me that I can have their guy do it or I have to bring my wife / girlfriend with me into the room. I live in the Chicago area and have called dozens of places and they all tell me the same thing.

  • Go to the right place and you can have your b**** waxed with a handjob. I'm not the OP, but I've had a few different women at my place give me a few tugs to get me hard and then hold onto my d*** to get full access everywhere. They usually ask you want extra while squeezing it? I nod and a minute later I'm done.

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