What to do, What to do.

I always kind of wondered what it would be like to be with a girl, Not to the point that I ever tried to pursue a hook up or anything but every since I was about 14 i have wondered. When I was 14 my cousin talked me and a friend of mine into making out in front of him, Yeah, Yeah whatever, Looking back maybe weird but we were kids and it didn't go anywhere that would be construed as wrong but it was just the three of us sitting around in my basement and he talked us into kissing, Sadly for him that was as far as it went.
A year or so later a different friend and I were sleeping in the same bed and I woke up to her snuggled up behind me with her arms around me and her hand up my shirt holding one of my b**** and I felt an adrenaline rush but I just laid there and she ended up rolling over so I still to this day have no idea if she even knows she was doing it. Around 16 me and a friend were just driving around and stopped to just sit and talk, As we did she kissed me but I was shy and scared and backed away, We are still friends and once in a while laugh about that night, 17 years old or so I was sharing a bed with a friend and that was really kind of when I realized it was more than just something that popped into my head once in a while, We were laying there sleeping and she was wearing a muscle shirt, She had quite large b****, I woke up and opened my eyes and one was hanging out of her top like 6 inches from my face, I laid there staring at her b***, Big, round and a big, Round nip on it, I started to realize I was getting aroused being so close to it and had a few thoughts go through my head like licking it or sucking it but obviously I didn't.
19 I had my first year of college and really had a coming of age, I came to realize college is a time for most people to...Reinvent themselves or to realize that it doesn't matter what people think of you and that you can be you and some people will like you, Some won't and it doesn't matter. Had a couple boyfriends last year but nothing too serious and then went home for the summer, Returned this year for my second year and a couple months in one of my room mates banged a random guy on the couch and right in front of me and another room mate, My room mate and I laughed and giggled as we watched but she kept talking about him and I was more focused on her.
My best friend who lives in the room next to us asked me if I would be interested in joining her and her boyfriend in the bedroom and I agreed, super fun and light hearted experience and afterward I don't even really remember what he was like, I couldn't focus on him with her being there so...I don't really know, Maybe I should try just being with a girl and see how that goes.

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  • Yes and then send me pics 😀

  • Explore now and don't wait until you are 30 and in baby l***.

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