I'm going to wreck your marriage

I realize we haven't known each other for even two months yet and that we've been having s** for even less than that but I know that we are meant to be together. You know that too. So unless you leave that horrible b**** wife of yours soon I'll end the marriage myself. You know I mean it and you know I can do it and you know how I would do it. You know! She doesn't deserve you. I do. And I will have you. I'll have you all to myself. You won't be with her and your kids anymore. Not ever. You'll be my husband and you'll be my property. It's what I want and it's what you want and need. I'm totally going to end that marriage. And when I've done that I'll be happy. And so will you.

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  • Oh, so you're the one with the teeth in her vag. I've heard about you. . .

  • Crazy is as crazy does!

  • She's not crazy. she's just in love.

  • People in love do not refer to the other person as "property". Try again.

  • When she wants his wife to stay off her "property", then yes, dear, a woman in love certainly WOULD think of him, and treat him, and refer to him -- especially when she's talking to the inferior and interfering wife -- as her "property". I've even known lovers to go so far as to make their affair partners get tattooed with the clear indication that he or she is "Property Of ______". Extreme? Yes. Unwarranted? No!!!!! Wake up, honey....IT'S THE 21st CENTURY!!!

  • I will never leave my wife for you you crazy b****! Me saying hello to you as we pass in the hall at the office is not a sexual relationship.I was just trying to be friendly because you were a new hire now you have gone all fatal attraction on me. Stay away you f****** nut job!

  • You go girl! i wish i had your nerve. i really do. i have been involved with several married men and wish i had been able to make this kind of ultimatum to them. instead i have three kids by three different fathers and that makes it hard to attract sold reliable men for anything more than a few romps. but you keep up your attack on this guy. if you believe he's "the one" and he tells you he loves you more than his wife then you owe it to yourself -- and to him -- to force him out of her grasp. don't let up. go for it and earn your victory. you deserve it. he belongs with you. and he belongs to you.

  • I got three STDs just reading this. This site is loaded with insane beetches today, is it a full moon or something?

  • This is why I would never cheat on my wife!

  • This right here is why I would never cheat on my wife! I would be the unlucky b****** that would unknowingly hook up with a crazy b**** like this that wants to destroy your life after f****** her one night because she cant have you.

  • Haha exactly!! I nearly did it,but in the back of my mind was this situation!!! So I backed outta there!! Knowing my luck I'd have the psycho b**** too and I'd be exposed and my life will be over!

  • On the other hand......she might very well be the best thing that ever happened to you. She might give you the best f******* in the history of the world. She might be the love of your life. Why take the chance of missing out on something that would be wonderful for both of you? Go for it! You never know what might happen!! That woman you dismissed and now avoid could be your salvation.

  • Try the salvation army!

  • ^^I like what you have said it would be good to talk more to you?^^

  • I wasn't sure which correspondent you were referring to, but I'm the one who wrote about "taking a chance on love", so to speak. LOL. If you'd like to talk more here, I'm willing. Either way, though have yourself a great weekend, or what remains of it.

  • Are you a man or a woman?
    I am a man who wants to leave my wife for her mom

  • Sorry for that delay my dear. I am a woman, and while I have a bit of experience in this area of infidelity, I must tell you that I haven't been where you are, craving your mother-in-law, aching to be with her and to own her body for yourself. which I think is one of the sexiest things I have ever read. That is incredibly hot and sexy, and is so loving. But better than all that? It's pure romance, like they used to write about in romance novels, you know, "once upon a time".

  • Well, let me just say that I wish you great luck and spectacular success in your new relationship. I think you are off on a wonderful -- and hot -- adventure!

  • Most people think its wrong, it's good to hear positive feed back.

    I guess the hottest thing would be to have my mom while my wife watches

  • Oh....it's YOUR mom you're after? I thought it was HER mom you were hot for. There could be good reasons for either to be correct, and good reasons for either budding relationship to be deep and romantic, but I understood you were plotting to get with your mother-in-law.

  • Yes it is my mother in law my wife's mom

  • Okay, I'm clear now. So, tell me a little about her. What about her flips your switches? Have you always been attracted to her? Are you making any progress in getting closer to your goal? Does she have any idea of your attraction to her, or of the depth of that attraction? Does she encourage it? Tolerate it? Like it? Does she tease? Flirt? Does she seem interested in you? Does your wife know anything about what's happening between you and her mom? And one final question......is your mother-in-law still young enough to bear children (i.e., is she still premenopausal)? I want to see this romance bloom, and soon!

  • Also......is your m-i-l married? Does she have access to regular s**? Is she a cheater?

  • Yes she is married, She doesn't seem to be a cheater, but I plan on changing that.

    I married my wife because I want her mom she is no longer fertile so I've had children with my wife.

    Everything about this woman I idolise, I think she definitely knows as every chance o get I touch her grope her kiss her (on the lips) and when we have been drinking french kisses, when I know only her can her me; I m********* crying out her name and nothing has ever been said.
    So yes I think she definitely knows.

    I think my wife might know as she has asked some questions' but I don't care!

    I hope I have answered your questions.
    Would like some input on what think I could do to win her?

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