I have so much to confess!

I'm the only woman I've ever known that has never been abused in any way. So there's no explanation that I'm aware of for my sexuality to be so voracious! For starters, I've been masturbating to o***** for as long as I can remember. I remember being 3 or 4 years old and climbing trees just to get an o*****. I lost my virginity when I was fifteen to a boyfriend that had manic depression. S** with him was so hot! We tried everything together. He went through this vampire fascination for a while and I even remember slicing my breast open just above the nipple to let him suck on it. My l*** for a man had grown so strong by the time we broke up, I couldn't imagine not having all that wonderful s**. This led to an early marriage based on appetites with a person I wouldn't have even been friends with. Needless to say, we got divorced and I started dating my current fiance about a year and a half later. Not too long ago I confessed to my best friend/half uncle that his attraction to me was reciprocated. This led to phone s** and mutual masturbation. The thought of actually having real s** with him was too repulsive to follow through with anything, but it was so much fun doing that with him. My relationship with my fiancee didn't suffer or anything, either. I spent my days masturbating on the phone and my nights feeling that human touch. Recently I've started fantasizing about my fiancee and I with another person. I wouldn't mind if it was a man or woman, but I'd like to experience another woman's touch some time in my life, so I guess I'd prefer another woman. He's so straight-laced, though. I know he'd never even consider it really. I guess my confession is this: my sexuality overcomes me so much. It's made the past five years with my fiancee more dimensional and gratifying, but I really wish he was more open to exploring new sexual avenues with me, especially since my libido only seems to be growing stronger.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I saw you on redtube last night

  • OH YOU W****

  • You could be my ex best friend. If you are, why did you push us away? EASY. Because of the men and the s** in your life. We felt so betrayed but we got over it. Now we just think you're a big w**** and we're amazed that you haven't gotten pregnant yet.

  • You would get along well with my boyfriend. Want him??

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