F*** you guys

On all of my past confessions I've gotten people commenting just b******* and being a*******

I'm done with this site is where its at! Nobody can f****** rain on my parade any longer



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  • F****** forbid anyone doesn't tell you what you wanted to hear... do you come to confess, and hear opinions, or just be placated by being told "Yes! You're absolutely right in everything you do!"

  • Sry only tough love from these parts *slaps u* man up!

    Yupp I finally decided to leave my signature D.D

  • Is grouphug where the fat people go?

  • Oh! So sorry to have stepped on your tender mercies!


    F*** you too!
    Grow a thicker skin, you f****** wimp.
    And don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

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