I love Stomach Growls

Ever since I was little I loved stomach growls, on TV, online, even when someone at school stomach would act up. I get so turned on from it and I don't know why I will literally sit on watch videos and just listen to them. But if I'm with someone and it happens I literally cannot deal with it I get so embarrassed even if its not my own and try to ignore it, even if it happens on TV. Anyone else?



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  • Not so much the stomach growls

    Are you turned on by flatulence or burps?
    Or feces ? Thats usually tied to stomach growling which is why i ask

    But i get what youre saying
    Its a hard feeling to control
    Its like you want to be alone and listen to it without anyone around

    Farting is something im into a little
    I love when my gf does it but HATE when she does it around other ppl
    Also embarassing. I get this feeling like i wanna be the only one she does it in front of
    As if other people would get aroused by her doing it which would bother me
    Ofcourse assuming other ppl are into it which is rare so i just start overthinking

    Is that kind of how you feel but with growls?

    Tldr: i feel same way about something else

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  • No wtf

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