My desires

I love to look at pictures of little girls naked. I would love to have s** with one.
I would love to have a little girl in a diaper to play with and make squeal with pleasure as I play with her.



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  • You pedo!!! >:(

  • Amen brother, i want to join you

  • I raped my cousin when she was seven. i f***** her in all holes. i made her cry and begging me to stop but i didn't she is now 16 and is unable to have children because of me. i have videos of it. i also raped my 5 year old sister. i ripped her p**** open. i forced her legs open i stuck my entire fist in her p****. than i ramed d*** in her p**** so far and hard she screamed in agony. she said please stop it hurts and i didn't care by the time i was done with her p**** there was a huge and i mean huge blood strain on her bed sheet and my d*** was covered in her blood

  • Monster

  • You have strong needs. when you have done these things, do you feel better? And are your b**** nice and empty?

  • Kill yourself

  • You are a horrible person to abuse girls in that way. People like you are why life is so difficult for people like me.

  • Wait till puberty

  • The thought of eating out a lil girl get me so hard . Would also love to f*** an 8 year old lil girl . The thought of her lil p:1)( sliding up and down my co54 mmmm

  • I watched a video of a mom licking her daughter's young p****. I live watching that kind of thing

  • 100% agree, in a cloth diaper it is soaked with pee, the tabs get pulled open her tiny bald p**** is soaked in pee, spread her chubby little legs and lick her clean, then my tongue goes in her slit

  • Love them between 9 and 14

  • I like them 5 to 12, maybe we can share?

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