My Loving Wife

My wife Lynn, was a virgin when we met at the age of 18, She had been touched by a guy but never penetrated, After 7 years of marriage I had an affair that she found out about. Her "revenge" was that I had to arrange for her to have a wild night of s**. I approached my cousin's wife asking for her help, I knew that she had several "male friends". She was very willing to help have Lynn screwed. She suggested a guy named Cory, saying he was very large and had great stamina, I talked with Cory on the phone, telling him what Lynn wanted. He asked if anything was off limits, I said only that he not c** in her. A date was arranged for the following weekend. Lynn was eager and I remember how she spent an hour soaking in the tub getting ready. When she left in our van, she looked wonderful. I really thought she'd back out. The arrangement was she would go meet him, bring him back and park in our driveway. I would be listening and watching from a bedroom window, listening to her having s** I was worried after almost 2 hours she hadn't come back, thinking that was a sign of her backing out. Then I saw the van approach our house. It wasn't long before I could hear the sounds of him pounding her. She kept yelling for him to have her harder, I could hear her c** time after time. About 20 minutes later I heard her say she had to use the bathroom. She came to where I was, her face and arms were bright red. She asked if I saw them and was disappointed when I said no, only the sounds. She informed me they had done it twice before they came back! I had to leave to go to my job working the grave yard shift. All night long its all I thought about. The next morning she told me they did it 8 times that night, in every hole. I thought it was over. A week later she informed me she had made another date with him. I begged her not to go. She promised she'd go tell him it was off and come right back. After an hour passed I knew she had gone. I knew where she was meeting him and went to the area. Sure enough her van was there, but they took his. I left a note calling her a w****. The next morning she came home looking like s***. Her clothing was wrinkled and dirty. She said again he used her completely in ever hole, but this time he came in her! Mouth, ass and c***........all filled. I asked her how she could do that, not being on the pill and bareback. She replied that was what she wanted. I told her no more, she had her revenge. She promised no more. 3 months later she had to have an abortion. And to this day I believe she f***** him for years


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  • You are both responsible for this insanity, but I blame you the most. You had the affair first and it was you who found lover boy to do your wife. Now you think she has been s******* him behind your back for years. Well what did you expect, this guy must have been better than you in every way possible. your relationship is over.

  • If this is real, then no offense, but you kinda deserved it. Now you know how you made her feel, but worse.

  • Its real. the sad thing is her getting pregnant. She did things I never thought she'd do

  • Like you I'm thinking this has been going on.

  • Wife here Carol travel agent love to share vids husband took of me for a face to see who is looking at me and to many pic collectors me face pic will send hope to hear back Carol R.

  • Just seen an advert for Sigrid the singers new album, never seen her before and she's beautiful!
    But sadly, all I could think of was how much I'd love to sniff her Arsehole mmmm

  • Don’t matter how pretty she is. S*** stinks!

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