My neighbor is sniffing my used knickers and it turns me on

My neighbor walks our dog when we’re all out at work or school. He can get the key from a key safe in the back porch and let himself in. A few months ago I noticed that my dirty clothes on the floor were being moved. I took photos some mornings of how they were laying and when I got home they’d all been moved on days when he’s been in. Last month I left some knickers in the pile that I know had my white stuff in the crotch and the gusset was stuck together with it. When I got back the knickers had moved but the gusset wasn’t stuck anymore and the white stuff had gone and they were damp, like he’d sucked and licked it all off. I’m only 14 and a half and he’s my dads age so it’s pretty pervy but the thing is the guy is pretty hot and it really turned me on thinking about him getting off over my knickers and basically eating my c**.
That evening I lay on my bed wearing a pretty pair of white and pink knickers, most of mine are black, and I gilled myself for ages getting them really really wet. In the morning I laid them out on the bed very deliberately. At school I couldn’t stop thinking about him with his c*** in one hand and my knickers in the other and him sniffing and licking them. I made the knickers I was wearing even wetter than the pair I left out.
Sure enough when I got home the white knickers had moved a bit and they had a clear goo in them. I think he’d actually spunked in them. I sniffed them
And they smelt salty, not just like my smell but like a man as well. My smell and his smell mixed so well it was like we’d had s**. I immediately put my hand down my jeans and started gilling again being sure to do it from outside my knickers so they would get soaked. In the morning I checked them and they were dry and crusty, covered in my juice and smelt really strong. I left them out again on the floor and as expected when I got home they were soaked with white stuff, his s****.

It turns me on just thinking about it again. Thinking about his big c*** probably wrapped in my little knickers. Him masturbating in my bedroom with my little knickers in his big hand. I know he’s a pervert and my dad would kill him if he found out so I don’t know what to do next. I want to take it further, I ache from the need but wouldn’t want anyone to know.
Should I leave him a note or something and arrange to meet or should I keep kind of pretending I don’t know but leave more underwear out for him to w*** on? If I had a Polaroid i could leave nudes out but of course I don’t. When he sees me he’s kind of shy now and I just avoid seeing him. I thought of just pretending to go to school one day but sneaking back in and waiting for him to come into my room.
What does anyone think, can you think of more dirty things I could do that would get us both off without meeting up?

Apr 19, 2019

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  • H**** b**** ! Are you hairy ? Has he found your pubes ? I'd f**** you darlin'.

  • I've got pubes yes. I don't know if he found any on my knickers though.

  • What colour is your hair and are your pubes the same colour. You sound really sexy, fourteen years old with a hairy p****! Yummy! I understand why your neighbour is interested in f****** you ! Are your knickers school P.E knickers ? Have you got big t*** too ?

  • They're about the same colour, my pubes are a bit darker than my hair, I guess cos they don't get so much sun. I don't wear PE knickers all the time you idiot, only for PE. No I don't have big t***. My t*** are pretty small, they stick straight out though and I have wide nipples. Men stare at them a lot when I don't where a bra, which is most of the time. I like older men to stare at my t***.

  • Loved reading your story, so hot!! Would you be interested in selling your dirty knickers? x

  • That depends what you would pay. I got an email saying that someone had replied, I could sell some but you would have to cover the cost of replacing them plus postage (depending where you live of course) and something for me to make some money. I know you want them for something dirty so you will have to pay. I have mostly plain black ones but three pairs of Kylie ones that are white with patterns and quite cute. I don't have any 'sexy' undies. I know that my c** shows up most on the black ones. If you want them 'dirty' then I will have to rub myself off while wearing them and you should pay more for that.

    I want ur undies

  • Hey, thanks for your reply, that sounds fine no probs! I would of course cover postage and the cost of replacing. If you would like to discuss further my email addy is Maybe if you could possibly send a photo of the pairs you currently have i could pick one out for you to wear? Thanks x

  • Ok. I've taken some photos of some of my knicks, most of them were not very good when I looked but I might send them anyway. I'll write you an email

  • Please email me , id give youre f**** a good licking

  • If i was your mom. I can guarantee you would not sit comfortable for a long time madam.

  • A good smacked bottom first then lick your panties

  • Have you ever had a good smacked bare bottom

  • Not since I was 11 and I didn't enjoy it then but I think I would now.

  • I love you..

  • Leave a note and a pair of worn panties tell him to use them and place them in a drawer for you to find later.

  • If you are 14 and he’s your dads age he can be charged with rape and spend time in prison if y’all are caught . Let this alone and tell your parents. Much more could happen than s** if you surprise him and he’s not expecting you. It could trigger something much worse if he thinks he’s going to be in trouble. Then your simple fantasies turn into nightmares. Don’t listen to these people who urge you to have s** w him. It could be a tremendous mistake and you’d have to live w the consequences for the rest of your life. Don’t do it!

  • You sound like you are ready for your first sexual experience. If you really like your neighbour I think your suggestion to wait for him in your house is a good idea as that would keep it totally secret. You could both get the relief you obviously crave. Don't forget to come back and tell us what happened..

  • What do you do when he’s so surprised and he thinks he’ll go to jail and does something awful to her? He can be charged w rape or he could actually rape her or worse. If he’s leaving himself in her underwear he’s already committing a crime. Things could go awfully bad for her and then she’s there alone. Can’t believe this is your suggestion

  • The day you were born with a hole it was decided that you are supposed to be fuckked. Just go naked to him and let him destroy you YOU bitchh...

  • You're charming aren't you

  • I did. Omg.

  • Exactly wait in your bedroom for him and let him do what he likes to you if it was me Id punch you in the face knock you on the bed stuff your smelly little knickers in your mouth pull you legs up and f*** your little teen p**** so hard you couldn’t walk for a week

  • Oh yes please

  • My very secret fanatasy

  • The question is if you did lie in wait in the house for him to sneak into your room do you know what you would want to happen?

  • I would recommend finding someone closer to your age.

  • You should have a good smacked bottom knickers down till red raw

  • Yes please daddy

  • Wear your panties for three days when I put you over my knee to spank you panties pulled down they would smell great

  • They’re all just boys, not sexy. My neighbor is a proper man and makes me come in my pants in a way they never have.

  • I am a proper man would love to put you over my knee take your knickers down and redden your bottom

  • That sounds interesting, I have found out that I like to be treated 'firmly' by an older man. How many smacks would you give me and what would you do after smacking me?

  • Forget your phone on your bed, make sure it's not locked and take loads of pics of yourself naked and even any of him if you can, when he switched he's the phone on make sure it comes straight on to your pics

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