My girlfriend was naked with my friends

Me ,my girlfriend Tammy , and 2 guy friends were in our basement playing ping pong. Tammy was wearing a tube top and jean shorts and thats it.
As they played,her top slipped down just a bit to show cleav , thats it . They kept staring at her . As it went on I noticed her t*** bouncing and noticed that they were watching them too. It was hot to see. We were drinking beers and playing teams,then one on one. As the night progressed ,I walked up behind her as my two buddies were playing, had my hands on her shoulders as we watched,and pulled her top down showing her little t*** and pulling it back up.
My buddy Jerry seen them,but Joe didnt because he was playing the ball. So i pulled it down quickly and pulled it back up and said there,now you both saw.
Tammy just laughed,not embarrassed or unwilling to the situation at all.Jerry says what a tease,we hardly saw anything,Then Tammy just pulled it down to her waist and let them both look. Then I think the beer took over and she said f*** it,and pulled the top off over her head and tossed it on the chair.
She drank another beer and said now keep your mouths shut mutherfuckers about this and dropped her shorts and was now naked in front of us. She laughed and said you guys look like you youve never seen a naked girl.She said if you can contain yourselves,ill stay naked all night for you to look at.
They said they would,and she gave them a lot to look at all night. That was the best time ever with her.

Apr 19, 2019

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  • Sounds very exciting. I can’t imagine my wife ever doing anything like that even while drunk. It would be okay with me as long as my friends kept their hands off of her.

  • My wife lost a bet once and had to stay naked in front of two of my buddies for the entire night. She never did find out we cheated on the bet.

  • I like it.

  • Nice

  • What a great sport she was!

  • Very nice

  • I bet she would have sucked them off if you were not there

  • Maybe so,Im not sure. Ill have to ask her when the mood is right

  • Hats off to your friends I would have destroyed her right infront of you

  • Not if you seen me you wouldnt of

  • Shut the Ef up femboy! Id beat the s*** outta you,then have you watch as I plunge my rod up her a$$hole as she screams in pain

  • Not a chance ,go back in moms basement.. There is no f****** chance you could beat my ass ..none

  • Of course there is. You're a bitchboy,everyone knows it just from the tone of your post.
    You're a weak sissy who get off on other men,more Masculine men, looking at your property. You don't deserve her,and they know it too.
    She knows it,and that's why she's gonna be creaming on my

  • Keep dreaming loser..hide behind your moms computer and talk s***.. We are all laughing

  • My ex girlfriend was crazy like that. Tammy and I had an open relationship so it was no big deal to me.

    She say to my friends if you want to she me naked your have to j*** Klye off.

    If they blow me and swallowed, she would let them ass f*** her

    Most did. I got 2 or 3 hand jobs every Friday. But one friend would give me head every time.

    He loved Tammy's ass. I know I did.

    I miss that crazy girl.

  • Thats awesome

  • She sounds like a scummy creature

  • Love a confident girl

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