jealous friends.

my friends think im weird because im ok with being his trophy wife. we've been dating most of our lives, and we recently got engaged. im in college and i intend on getting my degree. but the truth is that, my fiance is acctually worth millions. he would never tell anyone because he is just that kind of person. he does spoil me a little but its not like im a brat about it. i dont care about his money...i love him for him. at first i didnt even know about the money, but as we continuted dating i finally just asked him about his financial stability and he told me. they think im not living up to my potential, because i dont have to work. i have a job right now because i want to take care of myself and i get good grades. they know he has money but not how much...and just becasue i DONT have to work doesnt mean i WOULDNT. ill probly never have to work again, and they think ill be a waste if i dont make it for myself. the money isnt an issue with us. we share everything anyway, and we have for years now. we just love each other and want to be together forever, end of story. i can take care of myself, i just dont have to. sounds like jealousy.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • W**** sounds way off base. I'd say forget your friends. Tell them to worry about their financial situation instead of dipping in yours. Plus not everybody has the same goals and aspirations. You're not a failure if you decide to stay at home and take care of the house. But you do work so forget them.


  • It doesn't sound to me like you're a trophy wife. You're working for yourself. Doesn't sound like you're just sitting on your ass all day being pretty.

    Get it, girl, it sounds like you're doing alright.

  • well, it sounds to me like you are having a problem with your friends not understanding your situation. if i were you i wouldnt come right out and say, "hes filthy stinkin rich" but assure your friends that you are well taken care of. your friends are really trying to tke care of you. they dont want to see your mind and potential go to waste. it doesnt sound like jealousy to me. it sounds like caring.

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