I need to...

My wife is like most and never really puts out. I've had enough. I'm just going to tell her if she doesnt put put more when I want it then I'm going to go and get sucked off by the single mom next door.

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  • You’re an a******! You say your wife “is like most and never really puts out”. Well it seems she doesn’t want to be w a j*** a****** of a husband. You don’t demand this from your wife. My wife and I have been together 28 years and our s** life is great. It’s not every day but I don’t demand it of her nor does she demand it of me. I don’t threaten infidelity because she doesn’t feel up to having s**. It comes with the territory. Treat your wife w respect and be patient and things may change. But I’m sure getting sucked off by a stranger will fix all of your problems...if you think she doesn’t “put out” enough now wait until you threaten or go through w cheating. You’ll never get any.
    What a putz you are! She deserves better. Honor your vows and honor your wife

  • I think jes right to do so. My wife hasn't put out in almost a year. No s** drive. I told her I wanted to f*** other women and she said it was ok. She understands that I have needs and she isn't meeting them. I fulfill all my wifes needs and then some. And her allowing me to get satisfied sexually is her way of fulfilling mine. He needs to do what's best for hime while keeping her happy.

  • Contact an atorney and get that permission on tape. She cold be trying to leave you with the tools she has naturally. Relation abuse.

    Or she could have recognized her own sexuality and thinks you and your untrimmed dirty junk with red spots is disgusting and will have s** with a woman. Maybe a threesome where other girl will do you with condoms. Keep your c*** trimmed and clean. You may be a walking bladder infection that gives it to girls with one plung.

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