DWE... Driving While Exposed

I went through this phase where I was really into driving with my p**** completely exposed. Every time I got behind the wheel I would take my d*** out. My hope was that I would pull next to another car, woman was driving and she would either see me or I would m********* looking at her.
One time I decided to go to the liquor store leaving my p**** out til I got out of the car to go inside. I decided to park next to a Ford explorer that was in the parking lot getting ready to leave. Lucky for me there were two women inside. They both stared at my c***. I didn't want to draw any more attention so I was careful not to put it back in or touch it while they both looked at me. After they drove off I went in to get a 6pk. The whole time I was freaking out because I thought they would report me. Nothing happened.

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  • I did that a couple of times on a long distance trip. Once, I got up along side a van load of old ladies. I was pounding away and made sure to stay along side them until I blew a load. A couple of them turned their heads the other way and I could see them all chattering away about what was going on. A couple of the old ladies watched pretty intently and smiled as I blew my load and smiled at them.

  • I do the same thing,but usually to children. I had a long shirt on covering my exposed d*** at a store. I pulled it out in front of an ,4,7,9 year old. I rubbed it and they watched

  • I used to put a whole in my pocket, so then I could put my p**** through it and play with myself in public. One day I stuck my p**** out of my pocket, so that the head was sticking out. I then walked by this girl and she saw it then looked at me. No one said anything we just passed. I was nervous yet excited. I felt like cuming as soon as I got back to the car.

  • It's always nice when strangers get to see your c***.

  • I do that but with my manboobs out

  • Ok. Not the same as exposing yourself to a random person.

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