Me one him

My name is Lisa. I'm a senior this year in High school. I spent the night last night at my bestfriends house and when I got up to go to the bathroom I found my bestfriends brother past out on the bathroom floor. He had been out drinking most of the night. He was half undressed with only a shirt on and his p**** was exposed. It is bigger than my boyfriends p**** and I couldn't help but look at it. I tried to wake him but he was out cold. I wanted to go to the bathroom so I just went with him laying there. I sat there and looked at his p**** and then I started stroking it. I don't know why I did that. It got hard so i stopped. I listened to see if i could hear anyone. No one else was awake. I started to rub my c*** and then decided maybe no one would know if I just put it in for a minute. I straddled him and put his p**** up so I could slid down on it. Omg, it felt so good and big. I rode him and then had a small o*****. I quickly got up and went back to bed. No one knows I f***** my bestfriends brother. Not even him.

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  • And he didn't even realized whats goin on. Fake bullshit cooked up story

  • Did you not read the part where he was passed out drunk. I can totally believe it happened, my wife has told me she had s** with me and I was p*** drunk and don't remember a damn thing.

  • *hot*

  • Hahaha...YOU THE MAN

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