Panty sniffer

I first remember it wasn't panties it was blood period pads that first interested me. And they were my cousins. I always even to this day look in garbage cans to see if I see pad wrappers or b***** pads.
Anyway it was female family we would visit from time to time and I'd always look in hamper in bathroom for fresh dirty panty. I was in my early teens. J still do these rituals to this day and I'm 48. I had quite a collection duffle bags full of clean, dirty panty or b***** pads.

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  • Very hot, I would have done the same. Love the smell of pads and dirty panties!

  • Hey, I'm 19 year old girl selling my dirty panties over on my Twitter page @MarthasPanties

    Go check me out, I can offer a more personalised experience too ;)

  • I am more interested if you are selling your puss.

  • I tried looking for her,but couldn't find anything. But I agree,flop ya minge out love,and we'll show a bit more interest

  • Mmmm sweet smelling Martha,how dirty and grooly can you get them?

  • Me too,although dirty panties are my fave,but when I'm at my friends houses or cousins,I always look in the bathroom.bin for their used pads

  • Go away mother fuckerr

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