I like to dress in girly clothes

I wear my wife's lingerie when she is not at home. One day i wore her panty entire day under my jeans. Even i got f***** in her panty



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  • I wear my wife's panties and skirts when I can,she wears thongs mostly and mini-dresses. Perhaps i might be what is called a sissy.
    Once I went to a cross dressing party with a friend on a dare. A cute guy got me alone and started to put his hands in my panties,I was so frightened I fainted

  • Https://panties-from-lauren.webnode.com/

  • Have been into panties for years. wore my moms at age nine after she dressed me up as a girl in her entire clothes for Halloween. I know she didn't do it on purpose to get me hooked on women's clothing but I did. It was 4 weeks or so later she was out for the day and I got into her dresser, put on her panties and slip. was running around the house when she caught me. At first I thought I'd be spanked or even worse, but that's not what happened. enjoy it my friend. its not all bad.

  • I wear my wife's bras and stuff her skirts and panties under them. I also wear a bra around myself with a couple of her panties tied around me. It feels good, it's my way of being close to her now that she's gone to the Lord.

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