Young and naive

Im 15 and bored, life has been so static and my life is being controlled by my catholic parents... any tips on how to maintain a secret relationship?

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  • Become a Presbyterian.

  • Obey your parents.
    Submit to their authority

  • Men are untrustworthy, try with a girl, lifes short , give everything a try, heres my story:

  • This is my real life story an am happier today with my girl friend than I was ever with a boy/man.

  • I'll tell you, let me f*** you and then everything willbe Okay princess

  • Have it with a adult you can trust and who cares about you. yes it's illegal for the adult to do some things with you, but there's lots of legal things you can do and it's only 3 more years depending on where you live before you can do everything. It's about love, trust, and friendship not age.

  • Were you my daddy kkk heres lots lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx daddy kkk im you princess daddy kkk hugs you my daddy kkk i luv you up and down and all around daddy kkk my tummy hurts daddy kkk and snuggles daddy kkk

  • What an idiot

  • Submit to your parents and obey them.

  • I should not have too and if i don't my parents think its ok too use spanking as part off discipline.

  • Same s***** guy saying he is 15 in all different post.. go fu ck urself idiot

  • No I’m 15, school ends in June 10 and I’m going to be a junior next yr

  • Oh can i lick ur puss... that might feel good and relieve some stress

  • Are they strict and are you a boy or girl..

  • I’m a girl and they’re hella strict

  • I don't get what you mean and are your parents strict also. I hope you don't get spanked and how old are you..

  • Lmao they stopped spanking when I was like 11 nobody does that s*** anymore cuz now people see it as abuse

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