Me and Brother

For 25 years, since I was 12, I have been involved with my hot identical twin brothers who were 15 when we started.

We love each other and have 3 kids together ages 20 to 17. Since day one, we have never used protection and the kids call both of my brothers Dad.

I love having s** with them at the same time, with one in the mouth and the other in my p****. I have s** 4 times a day twice in the morning and twice at night with them.

God knows how many times I suck their c**** and swallowed each week.

I love my sexy guys.



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  • Wow, Cersei! How did you find and learn about the internet from beyond the grave? Say hi to Jaime for us...

  • Thank god we don't have this disgusting culture here

  • Why disgusting? Incest happens all around the world.

  • Not in my house

  • Maybe not in your house but it happens in many others, including mine.

  • Disgusting fucktards

  • Why disgusting? Is it really that bad? I would say birth control should be used. I used to love having s** with my sister.

  • My brother and I first had s** when I was 11 and he was 16.

    Whem I was 10 and he was 15, I started to sit him his lap and we would kiss and I let him strip me and we would be naked when Mom was at work all night.

    We would watch Mom's p*** videos and did what we saw. Mainly Oral s**.

    On my 11th birthday he took my cherry. It 30 years later and we are still at it. We live together so the s** is non stop.

    Mom caught us have s** when I was 17, she was not mad as she suspected we had been at it since i was 15. She was only off by 4 years. Lol.

  • Did she join you or began with your brother?

  • I took my cousins cherry when she was 8, I was 14 she had a fantastic p**** best I had

  • I would have done the same

  • Have you?

  • Good for you, whatever makes you happy!

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