I let the college football team play with my belly button

When I was in college, the football team used to play with my navel.
I was a college tutor and was helping one of the football players with his exams. One day I met him right after my dance rehearsal. I didn’t have time to go back to my dorm room to change my clothes. So I showed up to our tutoring session in my sweat pants and a crop top. I noticed that he kept staring at my belly button the whole time I was trying to help him with the lesson. Eventually he put his fingers on my stomach and started gently stroking it and then he moved his fingers to my navel. I let him play with my navel for awhile. I wasn’t sure what to do, if I should just stop him so we could go back to studying or continue to let him play with me. He was really turning me on, but I tried not to show it. He whispered in my ear that he had a navel fetish and had a belly button fantasy that he wanted to act out. He said I had the tiniest waist and flattest stomach he had ever seen. He said he had never seen a belly button so little and it made him want to do things to it. He asked if I would go to his frat house that weekend. I don’t know why, but I said yes.
I showed up to his frat house and he brought me into the main room. The whole football team was there…I don’t know, maybe 20 guys or so. I remember being a bit scared, but also a bit excited. I didn’t know what to do, they were all so big and I was hoping that I didn’t make a mistake by being there. He picked me up in his arms and carried me to a table and then all the guys surrounded me. A bunch of guys pulled my hands over my head and then some held down my legs. I was completely stretched out and vulnerable. One by one they started to touch my stomach. They told me it was going to be their new tradition. They had found the cutest tiniest stomach and navel on campus and wanted to do whatever they wanted to it. I agreed. I felt really dirty and never told anyone because I was ashamed. I didn’t even like talking to the guys while I was there and they were touching me. I would just keep quiet and let them have their way with my navel. I was way too shy and embarrassed, but deep down I really liked what they were doing and got really turned on.
I would go every weekend. Just me and the football team. They did all sorts of things. Sometimes, they would pass me along on each other’s laps and bend me backwards arching me back and then lick, poke and kiss my navel. Sometimes it would just be one guy while the others watched and sometimes all of them would be touching me at the same time. Sometimes they would just use their fingers or they would use objects. They would try to make my innie an outie by pulling it out. They would wrap their big hands around my small waist and stretch me, pushing their fingers and tongues deep inside. One time I let 5 of them try to crush me with their hands wrapped around my waist at the same time. They squeezed so tightly that their hands wrapped completely around my torso until I couldn’t take it anymore. It was a combination of being terrified and turned on at the same time. I felt like their very own little rag doll and didn’t want anyone to know my secret. They kept it their secret too. They did nothing else but play with my belly. They called me their tiny little navel slave.
I think I secretly had a navel fetish too lol, but never admitted it. To this day, nothing with my navel has come close to my time in college. I think about it a lot and fantasize about doing that again.

May 29, 2019

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  • Sounds fun, and hot..I had a thing with my hot older sister doing similar. She was always fit, maybe a little thin, but sexy tummy and deep, tanned, oval innie navel that I played with, but after her divorce, she ate when wanted to and got thinner. People were yelling at her to eat, you're too thin, anoexic, etc, but I was the only one to tell her she looked good, sexy, and show off that tummy and tanned, deep navel as much as possible, and always when I was with her. And I meant always. I'd go to her apartment and if she didn't already have a crop top or tied shirt that gave direct access, I'd tell her..Let's see, or go put on something for me.

    One night, I licked and had at her navel just for fun, and that became a "You know I can't leave without doing.." thing. I'd lay her on the couch or kitchen table, lick, poke, tickle, swirl, and have my fun with her sexy navel as she sighed and wailed out loud, until I had to leave. It wasn't confined to her apartment, either. I went to a wedding reception with her for a college friend, and she wore a tight skirt and button-down shirt, out of her skirt. Every time she leaned over, she'd show a hint of tummy and navel, driving me crazy. I took her into an unused banquet room of the hotel, laid her on a circle table, undid her shirt, and had at her navel for a good 20 minutes before we decided to get back to the reception to see the new bride and groom introduced. No one knew that our smiles weren't for the new married couple. They were from what I'd done to her navel about 10 minutes earlier. It was still red when we got home and I did it to her again.

  • That’s awesome of you

  • I’m pretty sure groping would have been the slightest of things they did to you.
    Probably would have reached for your hand and pulled out their c**** for you to touch them

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