Is it wrong

To like to dress in womens clothe if you are a guy? i dont get why women get to have all the cute and sexy under wear. us men get stuck with the same old same ole of tighty whiteys or boxers. all made out of cotton and in drab, boring colors. women get all kinds, thongs, gstrings, bikini, boyshorts, granny panties, etc, etc...... and in lace or cotton or satin or whatever in all sorts of colors . where are the girl shorts for guys? no where. so i decided enough was enough and went out and bought my own womens panties tio wear. i dont dare wear my wifes because i know how much was paid for them, i bought them myself and all of them come from Victorias Secret and cost lots of money. h***, she has a dresser just for all the panties she has. i wasnt gonna mes them up so i went and got my own, and i love them. i like the thongs but i LOVE the gstrings. does it make me gay that i wear womens panties? i think not, and my wife doesnt mind it either. as long as i dont wear hers its all good.

Jun 3, 2019

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  • I dont think there is anything wrong with it. in fact i am standing here typing this in my skimpiest pair of gstring panties, a red lace bra, the SHORTEST skirt i have, )its about 6 inches long and is a red/black/white plaid school girl skirt) a red lace garter belt attached to some red lace top thigh highs and my 6 inch red stilettos.

  • I wear bra,panties and stockings under male clothes everyday.

  • Totally true it’s so unfair is it wrong that at 35 it’s still my 37 old sisters knickers I crave for. V secret is worth every penny. Me an sis was at Trafford centre last week. Had a few beers then a few keys of cocaine it went from brother and sister then bf an gf she started to get really flirty with me asking me questions about the size of my c*** that the bulge in my pants was not mine. But she was wrong about that I flashed her wen nobody was looking. That’s all am saying that night was the best night ever 🤫😈

  • WOW, now THAT sounds fun! yall should have gone to the VS and tried on lingerie together, IN the same dressing room!

  • Now that sounds like a good time. last time i took a few lines of something and went to bed was with 2 girls and it lasted about 8 hours. and that was after about 4 hours with just 1 of them before the other came over. it wasnt coke but what i called cocaines cocaine. crank.

  • Not wrong, unusual.Many cross dressers just look absurd.

  • Nothing wrong with others have said it's just clothing. I like wearing pencil skirts - my girlfriend doesn't have a problem with that..

  • I wear panties almost exclusively. I have a panty drawer. My wife calls me panty guy. I have all types, colors, etc. I often wear pantyhose in the winter under my jeans for warmth. Panties and pantyhose make me feel really sexy, especially thongs.

  • Nothing wrong at all, in fact I mostly wear panties and nicer ones than my g/f at that. I also like skirts, I think they're more comfy than pants.

  • I don't think it is wrong. I do wear my wife's 36C bra and thong - I feel erotically exciting in them and often m********* in front of my wife. I often smell and then put on her used panties as prelude to f*** her hard. we both are in our mid-40s.

  • Nothing at all! I'm a crossdresser too. Men's clothes are so boring. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just clothes.

  • Panties 24/7 for me, nightdress and panties for sleep when it is hot and girly pj's or a pink onesie when cold, tights or leggings under my trews in the cold weather too, sometimes a cami but not into bras

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