I work as a gymnastics coach (my own training days are over) and get to see plenty of hot young girls practicing their bendy movements everyday. My favourite is a girl called Mina... she's dedicated and in always in the gym so i get to watch her fat ass eat up that leotard on a regular basis. She has long blonde hair that she always flicks behind her and then looks at me, and i imagine her looking at me that way while i f*** her and she smiles at me as if she knows i'm thinking it, which makes me so stiff i have to sit down. Sometimes Mina even asks me to give her extra private lessons to get ahead of the other students, and when i'm adjusting her form with my hands she seems to purposefully rub up against me and when i look down i can see the line of her panties and her ass bulging out the side of them so close to my c***... I was getting so hard for her i could hardly work. Yesterday after everyone was gone i was closing up the studio and went into the girls changing room to turn off the lights, and she was still showering in the cubicle. I knew it was Mina because i recognised her leotard in the pile of clothes on the bench, and she always stays and trains overtime. My heart started beating very fast and i quickly found her panties in the leotard - i could smell them before i even lifted them up to my nose, the girl works hard and a full day of gymnastics had left the panties soaked in her p**** sweat and thick discharge. I took them to the nearest toilet cubicle, praying she'd stay in the shower for a while. I put them over my face and thought about all the flexible things she was doing when her cooch made her panties smell and taste like this, and thought about her doing those flexible things to my face while i licked her out and smacked her juicy ass... I rubbed one out in less than a minute as i inhaled and tasted her p**** juice, knowing she was so close to me and wet and naked. I accidentally moaned as i came and i think she must have heard me because she turned the shower off, so in a panic i got out of the cubicle and put her sweet panties back with her clothes, and i somehow managed to get out of there just as she was opening the shower door. F***. How do i get her?

Jun 7, 2019

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  • First thing you do is wake up.
    Second thing you do is put down the spank bank magazines.
    Third thing you do is build some basic social skills.
    Fourth thing you do is find someone around your own age who doesn't run away or vomit at the sight of you (you might have to start with someone in a coma).
    Baby steps, dear. Baby steps.

  • How you go forward is how she sees you. You might ask her if she wants to get a cup of coffee or lunch if she says no just wait the idea is planted and she might just be interested herself otherwise step into the shower with her next time

  • How old is your beloved?

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