Behind a door in the art room

There was this sexy cute boy I like. We had fun talking and doing our art projects. Then one day while the teacher left the room we went behind the door and pulled it so it blocked us from view. Behind that door I gave him head. I enjoyed sucking on his c***. It was pretty nice at least over 6 inches. And so I sucked him off in the art class. He filled my mouth full of his yummy sweet seed and I enjoyed all of it swallowing it. I even put his big b**** in my mouth and played with them using my tongue. I'll never forget that day as long as I live. I miss him.

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  • I really want to go back to those days. It was fun growing up then. You could suck off a cute boy and not worry about catching a thing. You could also f*** them and only worry about getting pregnant .

  • I would have f***** you behind that door you sexy little tramp. I had this little CS who I fooled around with my JR year of high school. I let her suck my c*** on the school bus about a dozen times. I put my coat over her head as she blew away. I miss her. My ex wasn't much into s** of any kind. Her I don't miss lol.

  • Prefer them in kidergarden sucking my c***

  • I remember I got this girl to blow me at school under the bleachers during home coming. I was coming also. Her name was April Nicholson. Her lips felt so good on my c***. Yeah baby!

  • Such fun memories of childhood

  • I let a guy in one of my classes, suck me every day. We found a place no one goes. He very feminine and a complete sub, I make him strip naked and suck me. I also f*** his ass. I j*** him off as I f*** him.

    Last week I bought him a pink bra and panties and told him to start wearing on Wednesday's so I could f*** my pretty girl. He did and came while I ass f***** me dressed in them.

    I'm buying him a mini dress next. I want him to dress as a girl full time.

  • Im a boy ilove cute girls skirts panties ill dress as a girl for you

  • I would like that sweety. Only thing is I would whip the s*** out of your little ass.

  • I want his sweet little a*** to I love boys that wear panties

  • You can see mine you can pull mine down do ou want my email

  • I want a boy to pull down my panties outsidein the woods

  • I want you to see mine i wear panties

  • Im a boy you can see my panties wenever you want ill be your pantie boy

  • I love panties ! That makes me want it bad !

  • Well I'm gutted confused embarrassed and when you thought you new the one you love to find out there cheating lieing and living double life it's heart shattering, i was warned but ditnt no what my partners girlfriends young daughter was trying to tell me when she said to me that I don't no what is going on ,I didn't no what she was saying I said nothing,then one day just before Xmas my gf sara went out with her friend carol girls night out supposedly?? And carols daughter stayed at our place as Susan carols daughter is friends with my daughter ,and sue left her phone at our place when she left on Saturday so I dropped it off and on the way stopped at s shops and had a quick look through her phone and couldnt believe what this young girl had on her phone left me numb, here was footage off two of my son's friends naked at carols house being completly used dominated used abused buy sara and carol they both stripped the boys spanked them had them doing chores dishes vacuuming moping floors while sarah and carol laughing patting there bums and pinching there butts and fiddling with their willies one has a very tiny little willies the other boy has huge f a t sick the things these two woman made these boys do and the things they both did t to the boys I couldn't believe both with stiffies one tiny with a long for skin his friend erect and thick and circumcised ,now as sara is a complete sub and loves me to dominate her and daddy Dom rape her I couldn't believe what I was seeing there was more ,but it's very naughty and i cant get over the deceit and embarrassment the filming I can tell was done by sue in secret who has since told me she loves it and shares it with her young friends , what do I do ?????.

  • Love to suck their little willies

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