In love with my ex

My boyfriend and my ex recently had a fight at a party right in front if me. I didn't want it, but they didn't ask for my permission.

My ex won, while my boyfriend didn't stand a chance. I am ashamed to confess that, but now I kind of feel attracted to my ex.

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  • Do your boyfriend a favor and dump him. He doesn't need someone as shallow as you.

  • I understand. I once lost a fight to my girlfriend's ex. It was embarrassing. Much more embarrassing than losing to a stranger because I knew there was a history between the two. It was always clear to me afterwards that she knew her ex was better than me. She didn't say much about it. But one time she got mad at me and said, "Do you want me to call Dale over to beat you up again?" I didn't know what to say. But it showed me that she thought about it. And I always had the impression....just like you stated....that she was attracted to him again because he dominated me in a fight.

  • Wow, that's really sinilar to my story! I said somethin similar to my bf.

  • I'm attracted to you now. I want to make love to you now. Want to get together? I'll kick his butt. That will make you all hot and bothered and then I'll introduce you to my one eyed wonder worm that spits mayo. Then we can get down to business. Oh baby you know you want me don't you?

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