Step daughters dirty knickers

Im aways sniffing my step daughters knickers.. she leaves around her bedroom.. the scent she leaves in them .. gets me rock hard.. cant beat it.. i might have to taste them soon.. which i have not done yet.. im a lucky man.. to have her worn kinckers..



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  • Yes definitely you have to taste them....momspantysniffer

  • M********* with her knickers and leave your c** for her to see. She may come to you for more.

  • Her age?

  • 12 and her b**** have just started coming through

  • I saay go for it, she is ready

  • A little old for me but love their little knickers, I use nieces

  • Yes their little white knickers pulled tight over their bottom cheeks when they are playing in short skirts is intoxicating. My niece is so sexy, showing off while I'm sitting in my sister's lounge, doing hand-stands, then getting me to hold her legs up with her little skirt falling down over her body, I spread her legs slightly, my d*** is so hard in my joggers as I watch her knicker clad p**** and bottom, then I pull her up and slip my hand around her bottom and then she asks me are you being naughty uncle Graham, I'm almost breathless as I pull her to me and kiss her forehead and say just helping you up sweetie.

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