Slave Roleplay

Anyone wanna slave roleplay? I'm a female. We can talk by email leave it on the comments.

Jul 26, 2017

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  • Are you nasty? I'll only play if you're nasty.

  • I'd love to

  • Post in the adult section pervert

  • Oh my god, a pervert on a confessions web blog. what are the odds. really? pull the stick out of your ass.

  • Yes. There is an adult section and a general one. If you can't post in the adult section you have no respect for young people. Probably a pedophile.

  • Snowflake !

  • Oh their you go with the accusations. "Omg, you must be a pedophile." There are waaaay worse things on the internet (like real p***) than this blog. H***, you can turn on MTV and see way worse things than this blog. So again, pull that stick out of your ass and shut up. Or, get off the internet and turn off all Tv's, because your delicate little feelings can't handle the real world.

  • You need to grow up before role play causes you to be rape and/or murdered. not everyone is trustworthy. grow up.

  • Anyone want to buy ocean front property in Arizona? If so leave your email in comments. I also have a bridge for sale too.

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