How do I come out to my family???

So I’ve come out to my family about being bisexual but I did that via Facebook and social media, now I want to come out as a femboy but I feel like social media isn’t the way to go, I want to tell my mum but I feel like she won’t take me seriously and she’ll laugh at me. Any advice?

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  • Jesus Christ your f****** stupid. You say hello family it's your loving bisexual femboi back once again from my closet. Try that you MORON! Stupid people. If I had a dollar for ones like you I wouldn't be on here that's for sure.

  • Hey guess what lol, I actually took your advice in the end, cheers! I genuinely agree that I was f****** stupid, sorry for the late reply tho

  • My mom was really supportive. I had gotten a pair of girls tights when I was about 9 or 10. I used to wear them to bed and also sometimes under my long pants. They got pretty stretched. Sometime she found out and she bought me a new pair. I found them in my underwear draw. I was super embarrassed when she had this conversation with me but she said it was OK. Over the years she bought me other things I asked for like a girls one piece nylon leotard. When I reached puberty and used to j*** off in these items, she put some plastic pants and baby oil in my bedside draw and said that would contain the mess. Boy did I go to town wearing plastic pants, tights and the leotard to bed and wanking and falling asleep with the mess contained. In the morning, I would take the plastic pants off in the shower and rinse them and leave them hanging to dry. She would put them back in be bedside draw.

  • Do you know why all my sons are great guys and successful? Because I raised them with boundaries. I did not allow them to fly off and say or do stupid things their growing minds concocted on a whim. You will be a hapless lost person of no value to yourself or add anything to society but issues the way your headed.

  • Don't listen to this old hag, You do whatever makes you happy, If you wanna wear a dress just do it because you wont get a second chance at life. One way for you to come out would be just by telling them, they are your mother and they will love you no matter what. And all I have to say for this backwards thinking bigot is that this young guy can be whatever they strive to be, for all you know they could be an extremely productive and successful member of society, they could be a mechanic but they might just want to show there feminine side, and you know what I KNOW for a fact that they won't let someone like you get them down

  • Awwww Thank you so much (*^^*)♡

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