Daddy and my two children.

I'm 31 and married, but my husband doesn't realize my Daddy is the father of our children.

My husband looks a little like dad, tall well built and good looking. My he can never be as sexy as Daddy.

Daddy and I have been together since I seduce him at 14. To be perfectly truthful, I have never ever c** with anyone but Daddy. I have to fake it with my husband, I don't even get wet with him, I told him I need to use lubes do to a medical condition.

With Daddy, down there I get soaked from just kissing him. I go to his house 2 times a week after work for s**. And always sleep over on Friday night, for a night of loving. Daddy is 55 now, but fan go all night. He is all man and goes 30 minutes.

My husband is a minute man. I really hate when he f**** me. His touch disgusts me.



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  • I'm so happy! I was a month and a half late for my period and took a pregnancy test. Daddy and I are having another child.

    I'm covered with my husband as we had s** last month twice. But I know it not his.

    I Love my Daddy so much he is all man!

  • How sick and depraved.

  • Why is it sick?

  • My daughter and I went through a similar relationship for about 15 years. No children, but f****** every few days. Her mom was into incest, so luckily, I didn't have to hide it from her. I have also shared my daughter with my brothers and friends. She worked her uncles bachoular party, and I was lucky enough to watch her getting gang f***** by 7 guys. Just wondering if your dad shares you with anyone?

  • Love to have a dad like you that let me f*** his little girls hairless p****

  • Why aren't you and your dad a couple??

  • True. She should get rid of limp d*** and move iin with daddy!

  • Exactly, why not be with someone you are happy with.

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