Me and Daddy

My husband doesn't know it, but all three of your children, are not his but my father's.

I love my husband, but not like I love my Daddy. He is the best man in the world and in bed no one can make feel so safe and satisfied. I c** every time with him.
But never with my husband.

I know we shouldn't, but Daddy and I make love almost every day. It is so good with him.

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  • When did he start f****** you?

  • I wa 15, now 45

  • Does her worship your dirty panties?

  • *does he

  • Go away

  • No,you go away!!!! We're having a serious conversation about dirty panties here, if you can't handle it then go cry to the salvation army!

  • That serious one sided conversation is the most serious thing I ever did see.

  • There are one or two extremely sad cases who do it on here all the time. Hint: the topic is always, always about something sick or unrealistically dramatic.

  • #Metoo

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