Hi My name is Carrie and I posted something her several weeks ago about the time I was stranded in Los Angela's and I had s** with a stranger for helping me out and well I have never gotten over the guilt but also the pleasure that I received from another man and when I think about now if my husband had just answered the phone and wired me some money or something it never would have happened.
After a few days I began to resent him and his know it all ways and I feel kind of justified and I remember fondly about how considerate of a lover he was and how intense my first o***** with him was .
I an almost three months pregnant now but now also I find myself looking over the guys we hang out with and Lenny my friends husband has ben looking me over to and we flirt innocently but I can feel that he as I do have bold thoughts about each other and just last Wednesday morning after I sent my hubby off to work Lenny shows up with a Tupperware dish we had sent a part of the left overs home with them on our last get together in.
When I opened the door and he stood there with the bowl in his hands I felt this kind of and electric jolt between my legs he looked very uncomfortable standing there I felt my face and neck flush and he cleared his throat and asked in a horse voice can I come in and I stepped back and the air felt like static electricity our eyes were locked on each other and without a word he placed my dish on the shelf and opened his arms and I stepped int his embrace and we kssed and it felt wonderful to feel my body welcome his embrace soon we were tearing at each others clothes making our way to the bedroom and I was frantically undressing with a trail of my clothes down the hallway then we were on the bed and Lenny was above me with this intense determined look and I felt his c*** against my thighs at they opened for him thn his c*** head slid up and down my slit until he found my opening and he slipped into me easily.
My mind was on fire as I felt his rigid c*** slip into me and my body began to respond to his thrusts and we mindlessly coupled to a frantic release and I could feel his c*** pulse as he came and the sensation of his hot c*** against my sensitive flesh took ne into a mindless o*****.
We laid there panting afterwards gasping for breath and he was still inside of me but his c*** was loosing strength by now and he sighed and rolled off of me looking over at my b****** and gasped out I have wanted to do that for months now and I laughed and soon we both were laughing then he said I would like to stay but I am late for work now but could we do it again sometime? I said I will let you know later as he dressed picking up his hastily discarded clothing and I yelled lock the door on your way out as I felt his sperm leaking out of me and I gently began to finger myself feeling his sperm in me and I felt very bold now thinking again about hw my husband opened this door by not answering the phone and for sure I will let Lenny know that he is welcome back again but we will have to be very careful in the future.
I was almost ready to o***** again and I knew that some of is c** was on the bedsheets but then I was lost in another o***** and as I washed the bedspread later I began to laugh .

Jul 14, 2019

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  • Not everyone is cut out to be monogamous. You should ask your husband to open your relationship.

  • It’s just an excuse in your head. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do you if I had a chance. Use any excuse you want if it makes you feel better letting an illicit c*** come inside of you but don’t expect people to believe it.

  • Id luv to chat with u

  • No justification just because your husband didn’t answer the phone. You wanted to cheat so now you blame your husband when in reality he had nothing do with it. Now he has a cheating wife who’ll bring who knows what home to him between her legs. Poor b******

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