What I Love The Most!

A good stiff one in my tight tiny butt. That and a good stiff one between my soft as rose pedals lips. Lots of yummy man mayonnaise in my mouth and tummy. Mountain oysters in my mouth and banging against my tight tiny butt. Kissing and making out with a finger in da butt with one leg held to my stomach by my hot sexy hairy bear. Oh yes I need a good stiffy right now and some man mayo please. Place pecker on my tongue and let me have a good load of mayo. These are the special things that I love most. Don't you? Let me know honey maybe we can get together and share.



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  • You guys are making me very h****. My little c*** is so hard and my hole is twitching in anticipation. Oh yes give me your big hard stiff boners please.

  • Would love to where would you like it first ?

  • I would love to fondle, kiss, lick, and suck on your little b****. I like little boys and I love to dress up in silky womens underrwear. I have trouble getting fully hard but your smooth tight bottom turns me on. Would you like sticking your little stiffy inside my virgin butt?

  • Mmm I 'love some p

  • Some young P

  • Impossible to be to yung for me

  • Ok so where are you guys? I wanted to get to know each other better. Well let me know please?

  • I love to f*** a nice tight ass. Love it better than p****. I would like u to suck me and get me wet and slide it in your tight a******.

  • Sounds like fun to me. After all I need a nice hard stiffy.

  • Mine is hard right now and looking for a nice tight ass

  • Wanna get in contact?

  • Yes

  • Yes I would. Tell me a bit about yourself please. Like how tall you are, eye color, hair color, size of your sexy c***. I'm only 5 ft. 7 in. and my eyes are blue and brown hair. My p**** is a tad less than 5 inches. But my hole is oh so tight and my mouth willing to please.

  • Awesome my c*** started to twitch a little just from your disc.

  • I'm 6 feet 260 lbs Brown Hair green eyes. 6-inch fat c*** and would love to lick your tight a****** then f*** it really deep and hard. I love a****. U have a nice bubble butt?

  • Sorry no bubble butt. I'm a tiny guy. With a tight rear end. You have about 90 lbs on me. Very interesting oh yes!

  • I would love to stick it in your tight a******. I love to f*** ass and you seem to enjoy it up the ass. It's hard to find a woman that loves in the ass.

  • Yes I really do love a nice hard d*** in my hole. I can't really explain how good it feels as my lover slides his rock hard member deep into me. I love d**** of all sizes and shapes. I do enjoy giving head too. I'm c*** crazy lonely boy who enjoys a nice hairy sexy man to fill my needs if you get my meaning about fill? I would love to get your c*** in my tight butt while it's still a nice little tight one. How big are you if you don't mind me asking. More for curiosity than anything. I have enjoyed boners as little as 4.5 inches. Hey if it gets hard and squirts I'm good to go. My name is Danny nice chatting with you sexy man.

  • Hi, Danny, I would love to bend you over and f*** that right butt.

  • Wow! I'm all worked up now. Thank you!

  • I'm 6 inches and fat. Love a*** s** as u do. Would love to have you in doggy style and grab your hips and pound your lovely sweet ass hole. I want to watch my c*** go in and out of your a******. Then u can suck my c*** while I f*** your face. I want to stick it all the way in your mouth and c** in the back of your throat

  • My cousin was 7 the first time I did that to him, I was 16

  • You are a real sweet talker. I would love your c*** in my ass and in my throat. Wow! I need a cold , cold shower now. I love r****** and also licking on sexy s****** too. I can taste your sexy b**** right now. Lick your a****** for you. Would you like that?

  • I am not the guy up there but I would love to f*** you with my 7.5 inch c***

  • Wow! Thank you so much lover. I would love to feel your 7.5 inches sliding up in me. I love looking at the male genitals. I love everything about them. I love men with a nice thick bush. But shaved or trim is nice also. I love how a c*** smells after it's been in underwear all day. I so love showing how much I like c*** by licking and sucking on them. I can picture my mouth around your sexy 7.5 inch gorgeous tool. Then how hot it would be to be bent over and feel your hands rubbing my sexy round little ass while your probing my hole with a hard throbbing tip.

  • I would f*** your boy c*** so good

  • Hello I would love that. Which sexy hot lover am I chatting with? The one with the 7.5 inch c***? I'm using a 6.5 inch black curved d**** in my ass right now thinking about you. It's not all that big really. I think it's about 4.5 inch in girth. I have one that is over 7 inches and the girth is like 5.5 inches. holy s*** that thing burns from the stretch it gives. I can barely stand it and usually put it in and take it right back out again. I need a nice sexy hard real d***. Want to chat let me know.

  • I have one 9" long and really thick, hurts but f*** it feels so good getting it in the asspussy

  • Would love to f*** your boy p****. I 6 inches and fat. I would love to lick your a****** first and stretch it with my fingers then stick my tongue in and out of your a****** before I gently slide it in. Lift your ass in the air for me and spread your ass.

  • Oh yes I want you to fill me full of your yummy man mayonnaise

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