Does any other woman like to do this?

Ever since I met my husband 3 years ago (this is a second marriage for both of us) I have loved his butt. He’s been a runner most his life and he has a hot body.

Every time I see him naked I have this urge to bite (playfully) and nibble his butt!

This part is embarrassing but last weekend I watched him shower and get ready for bed. To my joy he sleeps naked. I have spent many nights admiring his hot body and cute butt.

This night I couldn’t contain myself any longer. He rolled onto his stomach and kicked off the sheet covering him. I laid there looking at his inviting butt and finally slowly got to my knees. I leaned forward and gently kissed his butt eliciting a soft and deep moan from him as he slept.

That got my heart racing and my juices flowing. I continued kissing his butt waking him. He said nothing but rolled slightly to aid in my obsession. I moved between his legs and began to lick and kiss his butt which not only elevated my level of excitement but got him going.

After kissing and licking each cheek for a while I moved to the base of his spine at the top of his butt crack and began to kiss and lick my way down. Placing my hands on either butt cheek I spread his butt open and found my self licking, probing and sucking his rosebud with my mouth and tongue. I was really enjoying what I was doing when he spoke saying “Oh my God that feels incredible” he spoke softly into his pillow. It was incredibly erotic and exciting for me having the ability to make him feel that way. It spurred me on.

I slipped my hands under his hips and gently pulled back until he was on his spread knees with his head still on the pillow. This position gave me better access. As it allowed me to stroke his sizable cocktail while I licked his ruse bud an now under his b****.

He was good and hard when I stopped, laid on my back and slid my head between his legs and took his c*** in my mouth. I gently and lovingly made love to his c*** and b**** until he gave me the gift of his c**. After I swallowed all he offered I made sure I sucked the last few drops from his now deflating p****. I love the way my man tastes.

After moving back to his side he collapsed and started to speak. I stopped him and told him to go to sleep and we could talk in the morning. He smiled at me, closed his eyes and slept like a baby!

I love my man!

Feb 12, 2021

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  • My wife love to do that everything to me

  • That is so sexy

    We have threesomes with my friend who Ilson my neighbor

    We have been doing it for years. But on Saturday we celebrated Valentine’s Day together so that we could celebrate the real VDay with our husbands.

    My husband walked in while Andrea and I where in the 69. He started eating my ass while Andrea and I were in the 69. It was amazing. He never ate my ass before.

    Andrea and I climaxed at the same time. I was shaking after the intense ogasm. Then Andrea said she needed a vDay present and James was more than happy to give her a good hard f****** as he loved her fire red bush and she screams when he f**** her hard.

    As he f***** her I decided to return the favor and llick his ass. Andrea said he EXPLODED inside of her. His c** came so hard it was amazing and the best f*** she ever had. James said he never had such an incredible experience

  • You have a hunger for feces, aye?

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