Girl friend's B.O.

I would love some feedback on this topic. I was dating (now married to) a beautiful woman. We were very pleasing to each other and had a great s** life. One day I called her and asked if I could come over for a quickie. She said it wasn't a good time, she had been off all day and hadn't showered and had been cleaning all day and was a sweaty mess. I talked her into it anyway and arrived about ten minutes later.

Being a good sport she was already in bed nude waiting for me. Very quickly she had an o***** and I was allowed to put her in any position I wanted. We got in a missionary position and she had her arms above her head. I immediately smelled the slightest body odor and noticed a couple days growth under her arms.I

I slowly began kissing her breast and made my way to her underarm. I licked her stubble and buried my nose in her armpit as I came inside her. Later we were cuddling and I became hard again when I smelled her armpit. We had s** again and I continued to smell and play with her underarm.

This is the only time I have ever smelled any B.O. On her even after 5 years
of marriage. I mention how much a turn on this was for me but have yet been able to have a repeat performance.

Any suggestions? Am I a perv?

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  • Pheromones are awesome!!!

  • That scent is there purposely to arouse you. a bunch of morons started telling you to remove it (before a few days go by and it gets bad I mean) because they hated s**.

  • Just tell her it turned u on. My wife would like the smell of me after working outside.

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