My pantyhose stepdaughter

My stepdaughter about 15 16 years old start wearing pantyhose and mini skirts all the time with no underwear well when she came home one day I couldn't take it she was walking up the stairs and I could see her but through pantyhose and she was so sexy so I smelled and it smelled so good I couldn't take it so we got on the bed I went down on her for about a half-hour we had s** and I we have it every night and she sleeps with me every night those pantyhose just drive me nuts and they smell so good.

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  • "about" what parent or step parent does not know the age of their kid. Calling bullshit on this. Make it believable.

  • Calling bullshit on this one. At least make it half believable.

  • .......... and her mom sleeps with you both while she masturbates while you f*** your SD... f ucking bullshit...

  • Liar

  • Shut up. Lame story.

  • Wow

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