Is it wrong to fancy your sister?

I met my sister recently after not seeing her for a while and she looked so sexy. I have been attracted to her for a long time and time doesn't seem to change that feeling. All I keep thinking is, what it would be like to get her in bed.

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  • The simple answer is it's not wrong at all and very normal.

  • I saw my sister again and she looked even hotter! I think i'm in love with her. I can't stop thinking about her. I would give anything just to spend one night with her.

  • Good luck. I have wanted to have s** with my sister for many years. I even ended up telling her that I desired to have a physical relationship with her and that I had gotten myself off more than once thinking about her. She said she couldn't imagine having s** with her older brother. Sucks!

  • Well, at least you tried. Like with any girl, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

  • How old are you two? Sneak into her rook while she is sleeping and feel her body where you love to do it!! If she does not move much, then assume that she is enjoying it. You then talk to her about your fancy and she thinks about your intention. If reacts negatively, still you may have the chance to say that you love her and want to have intimate relationship with her. If you two are old enough, consensual sexual relationship between you should not be wrong, rather it should be enjoyable in the privacy of your home.

  • We live apart unfortunately. If anything was going to happen it would have to be when we meet up. We are both adults. We are both married to people as well.

  • Not wrong at all!

  • In same situation being attracted my own younger sister one night I during midnight walked up my sister's bed and sat on the floor and slowly removed her blanket just upto her side as she was sleeping sidewise and buttocks at the edge of the bed. I carefully lifted her half skirt in the dark, but the street lights coming through the window showed her bulging bottom. I could see her outline of p**** and her knees were folded upwards. I slightly touch her p**** lips from the a*** side. She just purred as if being feeling good in sleep. I tried slowly to put my finger in her split but sensing she is waking up I just ran out of the room and was on my bed within seconds and shut my eyes tight and acted as if in deep sleep. After a while I felt some movement near my bed and I could see my sister doubtful and checking me whether I was asleep. I sightly started to make snoring noise keeping my heart beat as low as possible and aroused d*** out of sight. Confused she left my room looking back again and again. It was a just escape.

  • Hi, perhaps she came to your room thinking you wanted s**? You may of missed an opportunity.

  • Yes, first I thought to turn around as if in sleep and show my erect p****, so that she may touch it and suck it and have a wonderful s**. But some how I had no courage for the same.

  • Nice idea but we are adults and live apart.

  • True

  • S** with her will be the best thing ever. Far better than with any girl out there. Guaranteed. But, it all depends whether she's into it or not. Nothing wrong to enjoy with your sister, but just don't make her pregnant and don't develop this into a serious relationship. Keep it on "occasional wonderful time" with your sister and you'll be OK.

  • Thank you for your comment. I think you're right s** would be great and i spend alot of time thinking about it. I sometimes get the impression she would be interested because we are a little flirtatious with each other. She is married with two children and i am married too, so it would be very difficult to get anything started between us and we live about 340 miles from each other. So all i can do is dream. I should of done something years ago, its a big regret.

  • Yes ass hole it is wrong go f urself now

  • Why is it wrong? What is it that seems to offend you?

  • It's not wrong to feel this way. Whether you should act on it, is another question. Good luck!

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