Me and Dad got 32 years

I'm a 35 years old woman . Dad and I have been at it since I was 13. When Mom went to California and never came back.

It started with us watching p*** together, then when I was 12. I wanted to do what i saw and started playing with his c*** and kissing it. About a month later I put it in my mouth. Dad didn't c** in my but pulled out and came on my t***. He then would go down on me.

Finally 3 months later one summer night he couldn't hold back and came in my mouth. I swallowed every drop.

On my 14th birthday I gave him my virginity. Since then it's non stop s**. We have to daughter's now. And are crazy in love.

When I was pregnant both times, he wanted me constantly. He was hyper turned on my me being pregnant.

I hope I get pregnant again!


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  • I have been having s** with my stepdad on and off for the last 18 years. He is simply the best lover I have ever had ! He knows me better than anyone and most importantly cares about me and puts my wants and needs first. We live 5 hours apart now and I truly miss being with him.

  • I want a daughter like this

  • Not every family is like this but it's certainly more common than people like to admit. I was sexually involved with my brother and it was something that I don't regret at all.

  • I started it with my uncle aged 30 and I was 10 yo. He used to finger my p**** almost regularly and within a year he was able to insert two of his lubed finger into my p****. I used to enjoy about his playing with my p**** and I with his c*** getting hardened in my hand. I was awestruck watching his engorged blue veins along his throbbing c***. On my 12th birthday, I first got him e********* in my hand. At that age he would massage my p****, lick across my slit and lightly stroke my budding t***. We had f***** only couple of times. It felt sooo good. Our sessions got disrupted when my mom suspected something between us. But I never forgot my first sexual awakening by my uncle. However, we got reconnected after about 15 years, and now we have s** whenever we meet on opportune time!!

  • Hot I really like to hear about women and girls who do this.would you like to talk?

  • My math says its only 22 years

  • Totally

  • Fake*

  • Sounds fale but ok

  • 13? daddy waited far too long

  • 13 or 14 I would say is about right. Should be legalized.

  • F****** creepos

  • How long did u wait

  • Until she was 8

  • Tell us more

  • Good for you

  • Https:// watch video

  • Hot asf

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