I'm 16 and pregnant

I can't believe this is happening, but it is. I took two pregnancy tests and they both said the same thing, so I went to see a doctor yesterday to be sure. My b/f and I were so careful and used protection. And it was only our second time having s**. But this is for real.

I haven't told my parents yet. We're going out to dinner tonight, so I plan to tell them then. I figure there's less of a chance they'll lose their s*** if I tell them in a public place. They don't even know I've been sexually active. Why did this have to be the way they find out?

I'm so scared and confused right now but I do know one thing. I'm not getting an abortion. I messed up by getting pregnant, but I'm not going to make another mistake. I know I'm not ready to be a parent, so I plan to give my baby up for adoption. I just hope my parents will support my decision.

Thanks for listening everyone. Please wish me luck for tonight.

Aug 9, 2019

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  • U r going to regret it one day. Giving ur child up for adoption. As u grow older 50 to 60 n up u will always wonder .how big is he now. What does he look like.is he healthy . does he have a happy life. Think before u decide. The choice is yours. Having regrets in your old age is not healthy. Because you will eventually suffer from depression.

  • Congrats.great news ur parents will b thrilled

  • It happens sometimes. I commend you deeply for making such a selfless and responsible decision in how to handle your pregnancy. Your parents may have flipped their lid at first, but even if they did, they should still come around to support you in such a personal decision.

  • I hope u hav twins

  • How did it go? Good for you taking ownership instead of an easier road!

  • Judt so you know, I am adopted and if it was not for my mother giving me up, my other life would ha e sucked. Feel good about doing it.

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