My husband asked me last night about the first time I did this and the first time I did that, I came to a realization, Most of my firsts were the same summer and with the same person and totally not your normal way to be introduced to stuff like that and I thought some might get a kick out of it.
I had gone to stay with my cousin at their cabin for the summer, She was a year older than me and we were always quite close, We were laying in our room one night and talking like girls do, She asked if I had "Been with" a boy yet, i told her no and she said she had, She told me she met a boy at the lake the year before and they had messed around but just two weeks before I got there they had sneaked off together and "Did it", She said the first time wasn't great but after that it got better, We giggled and talked about it and she told me lots of stuff I didn't know yet.
A few days later her parents were away and he showed up, We were all hanging out and she and him disappeared then she came back out and told me to go with her, I did and she flung her door open and there he was laying on the bed naked with a b****, I remember I was totally shocked and she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the room, That afternoon I gave my first handie, Had my first guy touch my b****, My bum and my vag, Gave my first blowie, Swallowed my first load, I remember gagging so hard but I managed to get it down.
That summer he must have had the best summer of his life, Pretty much anytime her parents were gone he would come over and we would all just spend the afternoon banging, I don't even know how he managed to get it hard so many times in one day or in one summer for that matter. He would bang me while she watched, He would bang me while she watched, Me and her would watch him whack off, He would watch us play with our selves.
It was honestly a pretty good learning experience, i learned a lot about my body, About other girls bodies and a LOT about boys bodies.
Oh to be young again.


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